Caroline Stanbury’s Best Moments, From Ladies of London to Real Housewives of Dubai

Caroline Stanbury best moments
Photo Credit: Trae Patton/Bravo via Getty Images

Before I knew I was an Anglophile, I loved watching Ladies of London. The Bravo show was based on English and American women who were running within the same friend circle. However, one socialite stood out above the rest. Caroline Stanbury was both beautiful and bold. She never apologized for her dry sense of humor, even when it rubbed multiple people the wrong way. The mother of three instead often doubled down, not really bothering with who was left in her wake. So, let’s take a look at some of Caroline’s best moments on Bravo: the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious across both Ladies of London and The Real Housewives of Dubai

The sassy unicorn

When we first met the one-time stylists, Caroline was happily married, living a life most of us could only dream of. But fast forward to a New Year’s Eve party complete with a onesie theme, and viewers were able to see a whole new Caroline. In perhaps what might have been one of the show’s most iconic moments, Caroline was caught straddling and humping Juliet Angus’ husband. As Caroline posed and shook her breasts, Juliet walked into the scene very unprepared.

Juliet noted that Caroline’s actions were “crossing a line,” but the blonde just chined her off, stating it was just a joke. The American grew irate and dubbed her friend a “husband humper.” The fight also turned into a play-by-play as the rest of the guests learned what went down. 

Caroline vs. Julie

Caroline and Julie Montagu, the Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, often butted heads. The sharp tongue of Caroline was no match for the yoga teacher from the States. Julie was known for her ability to cry on a whim, and Caroline reached her limit.

After a botched trip to Mapperton, Julie couldn’t get over how rude Caroline acted. So after news got back to her via her sister-in-law that Jules couldn’t move on from their fight, Caroline muttered the infamous confessional, “Julie, I’m not here for your amusement. You’re here for mine.” If only Caroline had said this sentence to Julie’s face. 

Gift library

Caroline may have been “very rich, bitch,” but she worked like hell to get her business off the ground. Gift Library was a bespoke online luxury gifting service that Caroline poured her blood, sweat, and tears into. So it was extremely sad when fans had to watch her close it down once and for all.

While most Bravo stars would have hidden their loss away, Caroline embraced defeat and shared it with the camera. She also gave fans a poignant quote, “There’s no shame in failure.” 

Caroline has no problem walking away

In a major highlight from The Real Housewives of Dubai, Caroline made it known not once but twice that she wouldn’t be sitting through anyone’s BS. During the lady’s second night on Nurai Island, Caroline stormed off in the middle of a pretty fancy dinner. A conversation with Chanel Ayan took a turn after they both started arguing over who was more successful. Something about how Caroline fights makes her so interesting, like a puma lurking behind its prey. You never know it’s coming. 

Caroline meets the parents

Now, I wouldn’t think that Caroline is nervous about much. But watching her only two days before her wedding having to meet Sergio Carrallo’s parents was priceless. With an 18-year age difference, it made sense why Caroline might be worried about making a good impression on her in-laws.

Perhaps the highlight was how well Caroline took the news about her future father-in-law trying to pay off his son not to get married. The family meeting was awkward, with Caroline’s dad announcing he got food poisoning on the plane. But in the end, they all blended. I mean, what was the other choice? 

With The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 underway, it’s going to be fun to see even more of Caroline’s best moments on Bravo make it to air.