Jesse Solomon’s Best Moments on Summer House Season 8

Jesse Solomon's best moments on Summer House Season 8.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

The breakout star of Summer House is undoubtedly Jesse Solomon, thanks to his enduring smile. Throughout Season 8, he let fans into his life and refused to hold back. The series has dealt with what felt like a rolling contract of house guests, but finally, something stuck with the introduction of Jesse. The Chicago native was jovial and gave the seasoned cast a sense of levity. He not only knew how to listen to both sides of an argument but also how to be one of the girls.

Who knew that Jesse and West Wilson would be the bromance we needed on our screens? These two newcomers were more than happy to embrace the crazy that is the Hamptons and go along for the ride. Even though Jesse first came across as a bit of a player with his half-date theory, everyone liked Jesse. So, I just had to take a look back at some of his best moments over the last season. 

Hitting on Paige

Something about Jesse as a possible love interest resonated with viewers. Maybe it was how he said, “I’m good at big decisions, but I hate making a bunch of little decisions all day. Like, sure, I’ll pick the place, but you just order for us.” That line could have been straight out of a Rom-Com. But it didn’t go amiss when Jesse was caught getting a bit touchy when he placed his hand on the fashionista’s knee. Jesse made his feelings abundantly clear about Paige DeSorbo, especially when he noted, “If there’s a cute girl, I’m going to go after her.” I mean, shots fired, right?

Luckily, Kyle Cooke was there to keep an adult eye on everything. The Loverboy founder even called Jesse out, asking, “So, let me ask you, now that you know that Paige doesn’t want to do the ordering, do you want to rethink how hard you were hitting on her the first couple of weekends?”

After a brief pause, Jesse says, “Alright, let’s air that out. Was I hitting on Paige the first two weekends? Yeah,” Jesse took the unwelcome spotlight moment like a champ, laughing off the awkward encounter. 

Cancer-free diagnosis

Nothing has rallied the Summer House cast or their viewers like Jesse’s battle with cancer. Early on, he shared he was a two-time testicular cancer survivor. But while filming, Jesse shared that he was due for his five-year scan and was worried because he felt something. The moment was poignant and moving as most of us have known the struggle or been close to someone who has struggled with the disease. At the exact moment, it felt like everyone took a collective breath, waiting for the okay to exhale.  

Jesse shared with cameras that “The doctor felt something, and I felt something separate, and both things were abnormal. We had to wait like two hours for the ultrasound. I’ll get the results soon enough, but hopefully, it’s fine. 50/50 shot.” Jesse got candid with Bravo cameras as he noted, “Typically, it’s not in my nature to be vulnerable. I’m trying not to let it get me down, but obviously, it’s all I can think about.” So everyone was extremely relieved when the good news came in, giving Jesse the all-clear. 

Jesse’s sing-along


Petition to make “What Would Jesse Solomon Do?” the official SummerHouse theme song. RealityTV Hayu

♬ original sound – Hayu – Hayu

I believe fans are already in talks about making this the national anthem of Bravo or at least a one-hit wonder. But when Jesse broke out in song at his cancer-free party, complete with ball balloons, we knew it was going to be a bop. As Jesse performed his charming-as-hell original song, fans were gifted lines like “Well, I don’t want anyone to fight. But will Carl and Lindsay make it through the night?” And “Tell me what would Jesse Solomon do? We’ll be together til the end, my new friends.” 

Bravo has always delivered a plethora of themed songs, but I dare say Good as Gold is on its way out as WWJSD takes over the airways. Could the studio version be coming soon? One can only hope!