Summer House Season 8: Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s Worst Moments

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke's worst moments during Summer House Season 8.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Carl Radke called off his engagement with Lindsay Hubbard on the Season 8 finale of Summer House. The breakup came as a shock to Lindsay, who told the press she was “blindsided” by the filmed breakup. Fans felt similarly when the news first broke in August 2023. The last time we saw the couple, they were celebrating their engagement in Season 7. However, viewers felt differently after Season 8 aired. The couple spent pretty much the whole season at each other’s throats. The happy moments were sparse and the fighting felt constant. By the time Carl ended the relationship, it felt long overdue.

Let’s take a look back at Lindsay and Carl’s worst moments in Season 8 that led to their split:

Lindsay questioning Carl’s sobriety

In Episode 2, Lindsay accused Carl of not being sober during a night out. She even told Gabby Prescod that her fiance’s behavior that night reminded her of what he was like on cocaine.

The accusation upset Carl, who has been working hard on his sobriety since 2021. He expressed how the comment affected him and his feelings about Lindsay in a confessional.

“It’s beyond hurtful. It’s f*cked up,” he said. “That’s the person I’m supposed to marry? It just-it pains me deep down. The accusation or insinuation that I’m on something, that kills me.”

The “night out” was not filmed but the couple helped piece together their explosive fight through confessionals. They explained that they began fighting in the Lyft on the way to the bars. Lindsay said she was worried the girls would be upset she rode with the boys instead of them. According to Lindsay, Carl was “dismissive” of her feelings. She ended up heading back to the house earlier than the rest of the crew. Cameras captured her walking into the house at 1:26 a.m. raving about how she “hated” her fiance.

Carl has maintained that he was sober that night and his co-stars have backed him up.

Lindsay shuts down Carl’s ideas

Career goals seemed to be a major issue for the couple this summer. Carl was trying to navigate his next phase in life and Lindsay had a lot of questions. While it’s completely understandable to have questions about your fiance’s career path, her concern often came off as unsupportive. She spoke about how she was attracted to a man who was driven and career-focused but then shut down Carl’s ideas for his future.

Carl needs a ‘yes’ man?

Lindsay may have been too inquisitive at times. As the season progressed, fans started to think he wanted Lindsay to be less of a partner and more of a “Yes” man. He told her she needed to be “softer” towards him and more excited about his opportunities. He appeared to want blind support, which isn’t a fair ask of someone about to share your finances and potentially raise your kids.

Carl driving off

In Episode 13, Lindsay decided to spend more time in the Hamptons rather than head back to the city with Carl. Her decision upset Carl, who said he felt like she didn’t consider him at all. The two talked it out and he seemed to come around to the idea. He agreed to take Lindsay’s luggage back with him and for a minute, we thought the couple had managed to quickly resolve a conflict. But we were wrong. Instead of waiting for his fiance to load her luggage, he drove off and left.

Carl’s accusations

In the season finale, Carl broke up with Lindsay…on camera. During the breakup, he brought up some serious accusations, including stating he thinks Lindsay wants him to relapse. This may stem from her calling him “Cocaine Carl.”

“I think you think I’m sensitive and not a man, I think you think I lack confidence, [and] I think you think I have an anger problem,” he told her. Yikes.

Watching the demise of Lindsay and Carl’s relationship was not easy. I love these two as individuals but they seemed to bring out the absolute worst in each other in Season 8. Carl breaking off the engagement was the right call.