Will Kelsey Anderson’s Dad Be on the Golden Bachelorette?

Will Kelsey Anderson’s Dad Be on the Golden Bachelorette?
Photo Credit: Bachelor Nation via YouTube

Bachelor Nation fans first met Mark Anderson during his daughter Kelsey Anderson’s hometown date on The Bachelor. From the jump, Mark was an incredibly likable guy. It was evident that he wanted nothing but the best for Kelsey, and he fully supported her journey with Joey Graziadei.

After his appearance on The Bachelor, viewers began rooting for Mark to become the next lead of The Golden Bachelor. Mark lost his wife to breast cancer in 2018, after a long and happy marriage. If Mark is ready for love again, then he would make the perfect Golden Bachelor lead. However, recent rumors have indicated that Mark may have other plans with the franchise.

Recently, there has been some speculation that Mark may appear on The Golden Bachelorette. Joan Vassos was announced as the series’ first lead, and her season will premiere in the fall. While nothing is confirmed yet, there is a good chance that Mark will be one of the contestants.

Reality Steve thinks Mark will be cast

Reality Steve has a knack for making accurate predictions when it comes to Bachelor Nation. One of his most recent predictions is that Mark will be cast in Joan’s season of The Golden Bachelorette. While it is still too early to know anything for sure, it seems like this could be a real possibility.

According to Reality Steve, there are a lot of signs that point toward Mark joining the show. Kelsey has spoken about Mark joining the Golden franchise, and it seems like he is more than open to the idea. Reality Steve even went as far as to say that he would be “shocked” if Mark didn’t appear on The Golden Bachelorette.

While Reality Steve isn’t always right, he is correct most of the time. Usually, when he makes a prediction, there is some substance to it. After Jesse Palmer jokingly suggested Mark should be The Golden Bachelor during AFTR, it seems clear that he has a good shot of joining the franchise. If Mark appeared on The Golden Bachelorette but didn’t win, then that could increase his chances of later becoming The Golden Bachelor.

Mark and Joan would be a great match

If Mark were to appear on The Golden Bachelorette, he could potentially be an amazing match for Joan. Mark and Joan have a lot in common, which could help them to develop a deep connection.

Both Mark and Joan lost their spouses to cancer, which is something they can relate to each other. Mark lost his wife to breast cancer, while Joan lost her husband to pancreatic cancer. This is a tragic thing to go through, which is why it might help Mark and Joan to have someone who understands them.

Mark and Joan are also both very family-oriented, which is an important trait to have in common. Joan has four children, while Mark has five. Mark and Joan share a lot of core values, which is important to make any relationship work. If Mark is cast in Joan’s season, then there is a good chance that they could build a strong bond.

Matt James’ mom Patty was on The Golden Bachelor

If cast, Mark would not be the first Bachelor Nation parent to appear in the franchise. Former Bachelor Matt James’ mother Patty James was a contestant on The Golden Bachelor, where she met Gerry Turner. Despite being sent home on night one, Patty’s appearance on the series was made note of.

Patty’s appearance on The Golden Bachelor shows that there’s a good chance Mark could potentially be on The Golden Bachelorette. While Patty was featured briefly on Matt’s season, she wasn’t a fan favorite the way Mark is. With the support of Bachelor Nation fans, it would be a missed opportunity to not cast Mark in Joan’s season.

It will likely be some time before we know if Mark will be on The Golden Bachelorette. Since Joan’s season won’t premiere until the fall, it will probably be a while before the cast is revealed. Nonetheless, it seems like Mark has a pretty good chance of being cast overall. Mark is right for the role and is already adored by Bachelor Nation fans.