Captain Lee on friendship-ending fight with Carl Radke.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Captain Lee Details Carl Radke Fight That Ended Friendship

Sadly, Captain Lee Rosbach and Carl Radke’s formerly close friendship has been lost at sea. Apparently, the salty Below Deck alum and the Summer House star had a major disagreement following Carl’s breakup with fiancée Lindsay Hubbard.

“Carl and I used to be close,” the longtime boat skipper said.

At BravoCon in November 2023, following an interview with Carl for Lee’s podcast, Captain Lee received an angry phone call from his friend demanding that he scrap it.

A sudden change of heart

Carl recorded the interview for Lee’s podcast, Salty with Captain Lee. “I gave Carl an opportunity to … tell it as he saw it,” Captain Lee shared on the June 6 episode of his podcast. “If there was a question he wanted taken off, we took it off. If there was something he didn’t want to answer … we didn’t hang him out to dry. It was a softball interview if I’ve ever seen one. I would have never done something intentionally to put Carl on the spot.”

Following the recording of the interview, Carl apparently had second thoughts and placed a shocking call to his mentor.

“I got a phone call,” Lee said. “He just went off, how I was trying to take advantage of him and put him on the spot … I was blown away. I don’t know what made him go off the way he went off or why he thought what he was thinking.”

“He was well aware of the conversation,” added Salty cohost Sam DeCavalcanti. “It didn’t paint Lindsay in a bad light, it didn’t paint him in a bad light. It actually was … complimentary in … a very sensitive time. [Carl’s behavior] was almost like Jekyll and Hyde.”

When Carl demanded the interview be scrapped, Captain Lee was happy to comply. But his friend’s sudden turnaround was confusing.

“He ended up hanging up on me after accusing me of deceiving him,” Lee continued. “Mr. Radke, you were never deceived by me.”

The end of a friendship

Captain Lee and Carl initially bonded over their mutual experience with addiction and the loss of a loved one. Fans of Below Deck remember that Lee lost his adult son, Joshua Rosbach, in 2019, while Carl lost his brother in 2020. Both men were victims of addiction. Lee also mentored Carl through his subsequent sobriety journey and was to officiate Carl and Lindsay’s wedding.

The captain mourned the sudden and inexplicable loss of Carl’s friendship after so many years. It didn’t make any sense, but Carl was going through a lot. It was a very stressful and emotional time, and he was also mourning the loss of his relationship. People sometimes do strange things when they’re mourning.

“I thought we had a very solid relationship considering our background together,” he said. “[But] no good deed goes unpunished.”

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