Summer House Season 8 Lindsay Hubbard’s Best Moments

Lindsay Hubbard's best moments from Summer House Season 8.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Since Season 1 of Summer House, Lindsay Hubbard has had her ups and downs when it comes to her interpersonal relationships in the shared vacation home. The PR guru turned social media influencer has never shied away from letting her true feelings out, often becoming “activated” at the slightest annoyance. But Season 8 showed viewers a new Lindsay. Kind of. One who was acting excited to be married and invested in her soon-to-be husband’s future.

Runaway bride

After several Fridays of constant fighting with Carl Radke, Lindsay had enough. In pretty dramatic fashion, Lindsay waltzed out of the house and literally slid through the guard gate to start walking on the main street. Not only was Lindsay working her walk in a chic green summer dress, but this was the start of Carl being honest about her to his parents. Upon Lindsay’s return, Amanda Batula asks, “You were just walking on the side of the road?” To which Lindsay casually responds, “Yea. And I almost got hit by a mail truck.” Honestly, the delivery was everything as if that was the worst part of her day – go watch the clip. 

Stepford wife

As Lindsay and Carl proceeded to have another fight, this time about how to be sensitive, the OG was just plain exhausted from the insults. But Lindsay wasn’t innocent of throwing jabs at Carl either, let’s be honest. Carl kept saying over and over how he needed Lindsay to be “soft,” implying she was neither kind nor supportive. When Lindsay tried her best to explain those terms were insulting, he doubled down, stating that was what he wanted from his partner. Not one to back down from an argument, Lindsay shut Carl up once and for all, stating, “The word that I think you’re looking for is that you need a Stepford wife. And I am never going to be that person. You are asking me to be somebody that I’m not.” 

Lindsay confronts Sharon

Summer House viewers watched as Lindsay tried her best to enjoy her special day that was, for once, supposed to be all about her. But she had a monkey on her back that she had to take care of. Lindsay had just learned that Carl’s parents were not in support of their union. That said, they might have had reason not to be. Watching Lindsay ambush Sharon was the highlight of that party for me, but not for many. Instead of having the private conversation off-screen, Lindsay grabbed the bull by its horns and addressed the issues. Yep, let’s humiliate Sharon on national television instead! It also didn’t go unnoticed that she gave a side eye to the cameraman, breaking the fourth wall. 

Some viewers felt that the move was icky, but I think it was a power play. A power play that might have gotten Linds sidelined in some areas. Keep in mind, Carl’s ex is not Sharon’s responsibility. Lindsay had some inkling that Carl told her a specific version of what played out. Why would it be okay for Carl to have this conversation with his mom and Lindsay to be shunned for doing the same? I mean because I guess Carl isn’t allowed to talk to his own family, according to Lindsay! I so admired how direct the Hubb House owner actually was with the entire conversation. It seemed super mature not to fake it and smile.

Lindsay’s reunion clap back

Bravo only just dropped the sneak peek for the Summer House reunion, but fans already know it is going to be a doozy. While Carl is listing that he paid “half the rent for nine months,” Lindsay interrupts, asking, “Do you want a pat on the back for that?” mainly because he was still on the lease, so it wasn’t such an accomplishment that he was making it out to be.  

Lindsay has no coddle left

The opening scene of the season finale showed Lindsay and Carl again fighting. This time, Carl raised his voice, and Lindsay exited stage left. While venting to Danielle Olivera and Gabby Prescod, she noted, “I’m f*ucking done coddling. This man and 10 months of chilling at home like trying to think about what he f*cking wanted to do. And now I just don’t have the coddle in me. The coddling has left. I can’t stand his face right now.” Girl, you and me both! Thank goodness Carl had the right mind to end things!

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