Why Below Deck Down Under Season 3 Needs To Happen

Below Deck Down Under should return for Season 3.
Photo Credit: Rich Polk/Bravo via Getty Images

Below Deck Down Under is returning for a Season 3, as announced at BravoCon last year. Looking back though, BDDU Season 1 began airing in March of 2022. The following year, Season 2 popped up in June. Now, if we are going by just these dates alone, then Season 3 should be lurking right around any dock’s corner.

However, zero trailers, news, or even any minor details on this series in the Below Deck franchise have dropped yet. So, what’s up, Bravo? The absence of this offshoot is palpable in my life, which is why I, and likely many others, need this series to finally happen. But why do we need thee, Captain Jason Chambers? Let me count thy ways now.

First off, Captain Jason himself wants to return


Below Deck Down Under Season 3 HIT ME ONE MORE TIME -or 10 more. I think we can all say we can’t wait too long for another season @bravotv. It’s been a huge wait for us between seasons and I can’t thank the huge support hanging in there and waiting, too long between drinks I say. Well I’m proud to announce I HAVE NO IDEA EITHER. Let’s just join together and know that your support has confirmed another season and I’m sticking around waiting, because I love it…. Your support has given time with my daughter I lost during season 1, so big LOVE ❤️ #belowdeckdownunder #jackblack #bravotv #kungfupanda #fatherdaughter

♬ …Baby One More Time (from Kung Fu Panda 4) – Tenacious D

My loves, Captain Jason’s “loneliness is killin'” him right now. This emotional blood is on the network’s hands. And also, I volunteer as tribute. You know, for when the time comes to wipe his pretty little pointers clean.

Get in line, Amy. Aware. But also, let me live.

With a little help from Britney Spears, Jack Black, and also, his daughter, Captain Jason took to his socials. Here, he danced and lip-synced to Brit Brit, all to state that he too wants a Season 3, stat. As for his spoken words on this matter, he penned “Below Deck Down Under Season 3. HIT ME ONE MORE TIME – or 10 more. I think we can all say we can’t wait too long for another season @bravotv. It’s been a huge wait for us between seasons and I can’t thank the huge support hanging in there and waiting, too long between drinks I say.”

What our Captain Jason wants, our Captain Jason should get. For him, I hope that Bravo finds a way to make fetch BDDU happen soon.

The leadership on BDDU is phenomenal

Clearly, being a captain of a superyacht is no small feat. You have the lives of everyone on board to consider, as well as the structural integrity of the actual yacht itself. On these matters though, we’ve seen Captain Jason excel, time and time again. He isn’t afraid to lay down the law, and when he does so, he’s swift and firm, only addressing the facts at hand, and nothing more.

On top of protecting his crews physically, he’s also a solid mental health advocate. In Season 2, we can all likely recall his skilled abilities in shutting down two different sexual assault instances onboard. In each situation, he removed the problematic yachties and then offered his support to the victims. After such a dark, unsettling season, which was only brought back to the light via his epic leadership showings, a Season 3 needs to happen, but like, now.

BDDU’s filming locations are unique

Across the BD franchise, the various yachts typically travel to either the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Obviously, all of these areas are stunning. But with Below Deck Down Under, we got to see new ports of call. Coming from someone who travels very little, because life is expensive AF, I lived for these new scenes entering my living room each week.

I thoroughly enjoyed couch-traveling to the colorful cays of the near-uninhabited Whitsunday Islands, in addition to finally seeing the Great Barrier Reef, located just off of the coast of Queensland’s shores. Likewise, the plants, birds, insects, and wildlife that are native to this area also caught my attention(s), which is hard to do, because I get distracted very, very easily.

Overall, the filming locations and sights were very unique on BDDU. This is just another reason why it needs to return, ASAP.

But also, curious minds need some answers

For two seasons now, I’ve watched Captain Jason and his Chief Stew Aesha Scott evolve into one of my all-time favorite dream teams. Their wit and banter made this series great. But also, they both led so well together. It really seemed like this duo was locked down, and that they’d always be coming in hot and consistent as the staples for this series.

But then, Aesha jumped the yacht. She is now back on Below Deck Mediterranean, working underneath her original boss, Captain Sandy Yawn. Three cheers for this win for Captain Sandy. But where does this leave Captain Jason?

I have so many questions. Will Aesha still return? Can the network get away with letting her take the lead on two different series? Or, will Tumi Mhlongo switch back to BDDU, becoming one of Captain Jason’s crew members once again?

In an even wilder stretch of the imagination, Hannah Ferrier once said that she’d be open to making a return, but only if she were assigned to Captain Jason or Captain Lee Rosbach. Could we possibly now be getting a little “June Captain Jason, Captain Jason, Hannah?”

Honestly, probably not. If you ask me, the most likely scenario is that Captain Jason’s now going to be partnered up with someone who’s brand new to this series. But, whoever this new leading stew is, will they be able to keep up the same fun, lighthearted momentum as Aesha? Also, if Aesha’s out, will anyone else who’s worked with Captain Jason still be in?

Come back, BDDU. You need to happen. For all of these reasons.