Why Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 Needs To Be a Hit

Here's why Below Deck Med Season 9 needs to be a hit.
Photo Credit: Bravo via YouTube

Below Deck Mediterranean fans thought that Season 8 was less than smooth sailing. However, the teaser trailer for Below Deck Med Season 9 has viewers intrigued. Airing June 3, the new season takes place in Athens, Greece. From the trailer, it looks like it will be upbeat, steamy, and full of excitement. In addition, it’s set in a beautiful place!

Since Below Deck Med Season 8 wasn’t a hit, we’re worried about the future of this Below Deck spin-off. However, it looks like Below Deck Med Season 9 has the potential to save the show.

Some fans found Season 8 to be overwhelming, and not in a good way! This is just one of the reasons that Below Deck Med Season 9 needs to be wonderful. Let’s go over the other reasons below.

Season 8 had too much drama

Fans felt that the Season 8 cast brought too much drama. In addition, second Stew Kyle Viljoen was always in the middle of drama, and viewers got tired of watching that. For example, he and Natalya Scudder had a huge fallout. Because of this, Natalya ended up leaving the boat.

In addition, the season also included drama with Luka Brunton and Jessika Asai. These guys had a chaotic situationship which got old after a while too. Situation-SHIP, get it?

Fans didn’t love the Season 8 cast

All in all, fans didn’t feel like they were attached to anyone on the Below Deck Med Season 8 cast. Luckily for them, Season 9 will feature an entirely new cast. Well, except for two returning favorites! However, we will go over that in a minute.

Tumi Mhlongo served as the Chief Stew during Season 8, and she did a great job. However, she did get caught up in the drama of the season. Of course, fans didn’t always find this fun to watch. However, the Season 9 trailer revealed that Tumi won’t be returning, and Aesha Scott will be Season 9’s Chief Stew.

Fans first met Aesha on Below Deck Med Season 4. In addition, she was on Below Deck Down Under Seasons 1 and 2 as well. Viewers love Aesha’s sense of humor. What’s more, she’s also a true team player and doesn’t get caught up in drama. Also, fans loved the bond Aesha had with her former boss, Captain Sandy Yawn. What’s more, Captain Sandy will return in Season 9 as well. Therefore, fans can see this dynamic duo in action again, which is definitely a plus.

Below Deck fans may grow tired of changes

Photo Credit: Bravo via YouTube

The Below Deck franchise has been changing a lot. This is another reason that Below Deck Med Season 9 needs to be a hit. Too many changes can cause a series to lose what drew fans in initially. For example, Captain Lee Rosbach announced he wouldn’t be returning for Season 11 because of health issues. He was a fan favorite, so viewers were saddened.

Bravo is even changing the premiere order of Below Deck Shows. After Below Deck Med Season 8, Below Deck Season 11 premiered, as is customary. Traditionally, Below Deck Sailing Yacht should have aired next. Therefore, fans were surprised when it was announced Below Deck Med Season 9 would come next instead.

Of course, not all changes are bad. The Below Deck Med Season 9 trailer also teases that Captain Sandy proposes to her now wife Leah Shafer during the season! We’re excited we get to see this moment onscreen. We knew that Sandy asked Leah to marry her because of an Instagram post in September 2023. However, we are still excited to watch the moment go down.

We also didn’t see too much of Sandy during Season 8, even though she was in it. This is due in part to how chaotic the crew was. As we mentioned, the crew was always involved in drama. Sandy is another fan favorite, so we love that Season 9 looks like it will feature more Sandy moments.

We’re confident that Below Deck Med Season 9 will be everything season 8 wasn’t. We are excited to see Sandy and Aesha again, not to mention a surprise engagement and a mostly new crew. If the trailer is anything to go by, the new season will be iconic, and we can’t wait!