Kristen Doute saw "fake" behavior filming The Valley.
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Kristen Doute Saw ‘Fake’ Behavior Filming The Valley

Kristen Doute said she noticed her co-star’s fake behavior while filming Season 1 of The Valley. During an interview with Josh Peck on his podcast, the former Vanderpump Rules star discussed her difficult year and said she was close to calling her friends out for being different in front of the cameras.

Kristen had to relearn how to film reality TV with newbies


Kristen Doute shares how she deals with people who are being fake during filming!

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While chatting with Josh on his Good Guys Podcast, the two Hollywood stars talked about the pressures of keeping it real in front of the camera. Kristen said she dealt with more fakeness during The Valley than on Pump Rules.

“All the time,” she said. “This season is one of the first times I really dealt with it because we had so many new people.”

She continued, saying she asked her producers how to navigate that struggle.

“I would ask my producer, like, ‘This isn’t the way that they really are. When the cameras on, I’m seeing something different.’ And they said just call them out and just say, ‘You’re being fake.'”

Later, Kristen claimed the producers of The Valley encouraged her to tell others about her castmates’ true colors if they didn’t show them on air.

“I love all of the crazy, vast personalities,” she said. “And I like that we have Danny and Nia Booko being like, that’s really how they are.”

“They’re really that nice,” she explained. “They met at church. They’re not faking being nice.”

The Valley’s season finale aired last Tuesday. Thankfully, the network has already green-lit the series for Season 2. Given all the drama going on behind the scenes, it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamics play out.

In the meantime, stream Season 1 of The Valley on Peacock while we wait for the next batch of episodes.