Ciara Miller at the Summer House Season 8 reunion rolling her eyes
Photo Credit: Bravo via YouTube

Summer House Season 8 Reunion, Part 2 Preview: Ciara Miller Would Need ‘World of Change’ From West Wilson

During the Summer House Season 8 reunion, we learned the disappointing news that West Wilson and Ciara Miller’s summer fling fizzled out once the cameras stopped rolling. According to Ciara, West led her on by doing boyfriend activities together before breaking things off. West claimed he just wasn’t ready for the commitment as he geared up for his newfound Summer House fame. Either way, we’re all looking for a glimmer of hope with these two crazy kids.

West and Ciara’s future looks bleak during the Summer House Season 8 reunion

In a sneak peek of Part 2 of the Season 8 Summer House reunion, Andy Cohen asked Ciara if there was any room in her heart for a reconciliation. The question arrived after she received a heartfelt apology from West. Although her heart was still broken, she said there was a chance that she and West could move past this mess.

“It would have to be a world of change or something, and I just don’t know what people are capable of,” Ciara admitted.

Upon hearing that news, West’s bestie, Jesse Solomon, jumped in. He said, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance?” Perhaps ironic that he’s quoting the movie Dumb & Dumber…

Ciara replied, “I can’t sit here and say I don’t still like him.”

Meanwhile, West was sitting on the other side of the stage biting his lip. The look on his face seemed like a cross between terrified and hopeful. When he heard that Ciara still had some feelings for him, that seemed to light a spark. He admitted that he still had feelings for her too.

“Same, but I didn’t expect to hear that from you, to be honest,” West confessed.

Although Ciara and West seemed to have ended the reunion on an okay note, the Summer House newbie said that in real life, they haven’t stayed close. In a recent interview, he said he hadn’t spoken to Ciara since the reunion. Their communication is “minimal,” as of right now. So, this just means that if they both end up on Summer House Season 9, they’ll have a lot of catching up to do.

The Summer House Season 8 reunion concludes Thursday, June 13 at 9/8c on Bravo.