Craig Conover teases Southern Charm Season 10.
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Craig Conover Teases Southern Charm Season 10

Over the last ten seasons, we’ve seen some gradual growing up among the socially immature Southern Charm boys. Craig Conover believes that we’ll see a more adult side to the Charmers in Season 10.

“What’s crazy is I started filming when I was 24, and I’m 36 now,” Craig said of the upcoming season. “So people have watched me grow up through my 20s and 30s, and it was a roller-coaster of a ride.”

In Season 10, viewers will watch Shep Rose, who revealed his problem with alcohol at the Season 9 reunion, struggle with sobriety. “That’s going to be a big part of this season, obviously,” Craig said. “I think the viewer and us as friends — we’re basically like family — have a lot to look forward to … I don’t think anyone will be let down.”

Shep’s sobriety journey

Photo Credit: Clifton Prescod/Bravo

At the January reunion, Shep revealed being “at a crossroads” after he “blacked out” at BravoCon in November 2023. At the time of the reunion, he wasn’t drinking liquor but was still drinking beer (FYI: Beer is still alcohol). Meanwhile, Craig had been sober for two years already.

“I’ve been on a similar journey,” Craig told Us Weekly. “Mine just started a little before him. I’m happy that I can share my experience with getting healthier and just cleaning out my life and finding better habits. It’s a journey and you’ll get to see part of that journey.”

It’s a whole new world for Craig and Shep. They’re learning to be friends without the nonstop partying.

“Shep was able to come to Nashville with me,” the Pillow Talk author said. “[He saw] the new [Sewing Down South] store and [was] excited with me for that. I think sharing more of our lives with each other … outside that party scene is more important now than ever … It’ll be exciting to see.”

Craig added that he’ll continue sharing his journey because “it shows [people] that they’re not alone in their craziness and struggles.”

What’s Austen up to?

Meanwhile, third musketeer, Austen Kroll is (hopefully) growing up, too. He has a new girlfriend after splitting with Olivia Flowers in the Fall of 2022. The Trop Hop founder is attempting to tame his ways and settle down with new flame Audrey Pratt, at least for now.

“I think Austen’s almost 37,” Craig continued. “He’s figuring out the dating world with his girlfriend, and Shep’s in his 40s. So maybe our show’s about showing people it’s never too late to find love. I don’t know.”

All episodes of Southern Charm are currently streaming on Peacock.