Will Christine Quinn return to Selling Sunset?
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Is Christine Quinn Interested in a Selling Sunset Comeback?

Let’s be honest. Selling Sunset has never been the same after Christine Quinn left. She brought the fashion. She brought the drama, and unfortunately, no one else can compare. They can try, but there’s only one Christine.

Christine has been off the show for a few years now, but her private life has made some major headlines thanks to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Christan Richard. We all know that the worst time in someone’s life is usually the best time for them to appear on reality TV. So, is it time for Christine to make her big Selling Sunset comeback?

The door is open at the Oppenheim Group

Christine Quinn in a pink blazer sipping a cocktail on Selling Sunset
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When Christine left the Oppenheim Group on Selling Sunset, she went to focus her efforts on a cryptocurrency real estate firm along with her hubby. It’s not clear where all of that stands in the midst of their messy divorce, but Jason Oppenheim recently told TMZ that he’d be open to seeing Christine come back to their side of things.

“I have nothing against her coming back. I think everyone deserves a second chance,” he revealed.

Jason clarified that these types of decisions are a little bit above him. Netflix would have to sign off on Christine returning, but it doesn’t sound like she’s interested anyway. A source close to the former reality star told Us Weekly that she’s happier away from the Netflix show.

“As much as I am sure they would love to have her, it’s not of interest to Christine at this time,” the source claimed.

It’s unclear why Christine would ever want to come back to that show. After her exit, she trashed the show and called the behind-the-scenes production a “male-dominated” industry. She made allegations of harassment, and according to her, executive producer Adam DiVello told her to “kill” herself.

“There’s been complaints filed against him. Multiple complaints … and it’s been sick,” Christine claimed in 2022. “He actually told me to go fall down the stairs and kill myself at one point.”

In the weeks following Christine’s complaints about Adam, Netflix excluded her from the 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards. At the time, it seemed like retaliation for trashing the show. Regardless, with all of these accusations floating around, it would be surprising to see Christine back on Netflix in any capacity.