Michelle Lally and her boyfriend Aaron Nosler walk a red carpet.
Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images for Focus Features

Michelle Lally Walks Red Carpet With New Boyfriend Aaron Nosler

Michelle Lally is looking forward to her divorce from ex-husband Jesse Lally. The Valley star recently walked the red carpet with her new boo, Aaron Nosler, and boy have the streets been talking.

In her Instagram post, Michelle, who was the center of much of Season 1’s drama, flaunted her new partner during a movie screening. “Date night,” she captioned the photo. There were several comments in support of Michelle’s newfound love. “There’s a real smile,” one user wrote.

The Bravoverse hopes to learn more about Aaron—who will hopefully appear in Season 2 of The Valley—but Michelle has discussed him before. In May 2024, she called their meeting “refreshing,” saying things felt “organic.” She continued, saying, “[it’s] nice to have a relationship like this.”

How does Jesse feel about Michelle today?

Prior to the start of the season, Jesse and Michelle told viewers that they were divorcing. Both attributed the split to years of being together coupled with challenging moments. “I want to show people that marriage is difficult, and, you know, some people survive it, and some people unfortunately don’t,” Jesse said.

“My only concern is [our daughter] Isabella. I hope that we will be best friends raising this beautiful girl. At the end of the day, that’s literally all I care about is the baby.”

So, have his feelings changed today?

When asked if he would try and fix things if he could, the reality star villain confidently said, “No.”

“Nothing. Knowing what I know now and being with somebody who is so incredible, like an amazing mother … No, I would never — never go backwards. Always upwards,” he said.

In early June 2024, Jesse spoke publicly about his new relationship with philanthropist and mental health advocate Lacy Nicole. “I’m super happy right now,” he said. “We’ve been great friends, we newly started dating. She’s just a very amazing person, and she’s a beautiful soul.”

Bring on Season 2!

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