Jax Taylor teases unseen drama on The Valley.
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Jax Taylor Teases Unseen Drama on The Valley

Jax Taylor says a lot of the drama was left on the cutting room floor during Season 1 of The Valley. But he hopes to change that in Season 2.

“We are starting back up,” he teased on the June 20 episode of his When Reality Hits podcast with estranged wife Brittany Cartwright. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the day but in July … A lot is going down. A lot is going to happen.”

“I’m going to make sure there are things that are going to be told this time,” he added. “There was a lot of like, ‘Why wasn’t this shown?’ … That’s not going to happen [this time]. Some of you people are going to be in for a surprise.”

Jax has a new game plan

“I don’t need to bring the drama,” Jax went on. “It’s already there. They just didn’t put it on the TV and I’m shocked. I’m excited for the season, but [the] cat needs to be out of the bag on a few different things.”

Jax also suggested that there was some bad blood between him and one of his unnamed costars. He mentioned several times that there was someone he wouldn’t be inviting to his upcoming birthday party, but he never did say who it was. Is Jax five? That’s what spoiled children do.

The Valley, a spinoff of Vanderpump Rules, debuted in March. The show features Pump Rules alums Jax and Brittany, along with Kristen Doute. The premise of the show is to follow a group of friends as they grow up and move out to the suburbs to start families and hopefully grow up.

The end of the fairytale

Jax Taylor on drama ahead of Season 2 of The Valley.
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Season 1 followed the leadup to two of the couples’ breakups: Jax and Britt separated, and Jesse and Michelle Lally filed for divorce after filming ended.

Several months after Season 1 production ended, cameras picked up again to capture Jax and Brittany’s separation, as well as their efforts to co-parent their three-year-old son Cruz.

“Why haven’t you changed?” Britt asked her estranged husband in the June 4 episode. “You screamed at me and said horrible things to me like I had no friends here and that [nobody] liked me here.”

“As soon as these cameras go down,” she added, “you are going to … rage text the sh*t out of me. Be real.”

“It has been an amazing nine years,” Jax reflected in a confessional. “I have no regrets … I love my wife. The only thing that is going to make or break this is time.” But then, Jax is rumored to have a new girlfriend. Doesn’t sound like he wants to fix things.

But if Jax wants a reconciliation, he’s got his work cut out for him, because his wife sounds like she’s done with his bullsh*t. “I know that I have put up with a lot of crap that Jax has put me through,” she told the cameras. “But I wouldn’t have Cruz if I had gotten rid of him a long time ago. Now that I have Cruz and I have woken up from the situation, I just feel like for his sake and my mental health I can’t stay here anymore.”

All episodes of The Valley are now streaming on Peacock.