Below Deck Med’s Best (And Worst) Boatmances

Ranking boatmances on Below Deck Med.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

You get to know your crew members intimately when you’re trapped on a boat for six weeks, especially on Below Deck Med. As most of the yachties are young, hot, and field up, a few inevitably end up falling for one another. Whether it is a one-night stand or something more, there are some pretty interesting boatmances on Below Deck Mediterranean

Jess and Rob (Worst)

During Below Deck Med Season 5, Rob Westergaard and Jess More were attached to each other’s hips right from the start. Jess had a bad case of the green-eyed monster that she couldn’t tame. So when Aesha Scott put her arm around Rob for a charter guest picture, all hell broke loose. The model became upset and started believing something was happening between Aesha and Rob. She distrusted Rob, especially when she found out he was texting an ex-girlfriend. 

But Rob was emotionally invested in Jess. His lust for her impaired his performance on the job, and Jess also started to struggle. The two fought often and hard, which created a tense atmosphere for everyone. Even though they left the boat together to head off to Bali, they have since broken up. 

Malia and Adam (Worst)

From the moment Malia White stepped onto the yacht she was considered one of the hottest deckhands by the men. Before Below Deck Med Season 2 started filming, Adam Glick revealed he and Malia had a physical relationship. However, what really happened remains sort of a mystery. As the season progressed it was clear Adam was envisioning a future with the now bosun. But Malia had her eye on another prize, Wes Walton

Malia once told Bravo “I just think after getting to know Adam a little more, he’s quick to get invested into something. He falls, and he falls hard, and I didn’t realize that.” In the end, she ended up picking Wes. The duo dated for a few years but have since gone their separate ways. 

Aesha and Jack (Best)  

As Below Deck Med fans know, Aesha has found her one true love in her fiance, Scott Dobson. But before moving to Colorado and falling madly in love, she had a romance with Liverpool’s Jack Stirrup. The duo was perhaps the best romance in the series, as they always had smiles and kind words for one another. Jack was awkward but showed love for Aesha by planning a surprise date complete with champagne. 

It was hard for viewers and their co-workers not to root for them. Even though they did try to date after the charter season ended, the two didn’t survive. It was reported that Jack left Aesha for his ex. But all that is in the past as Aesha plans her upcoming wedding. 

Natalya and Storm (Worst)

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 gave us Storm Smith and Natalya Scudder. It wasn’t the healthiest relationship by a long shot, but it was highly entertaining on reality TV. Even though Storm helped Natalya escape the pressure of the seasons, the two were boiling pots of emotions. Storm seemed to want to make the relationship work, but Nat kept causing pointless fights, especially after drinking. Fans thought that Natalya was passively agreeing with Storm. So, thankfully, the two decided to leave the drama on the yacht and walk away from one another. 

Tash and Dave (Worst)

Perhaps one of the worst Below Deck Med boatmances has had to be Natasha Webb and Dave White. Before embarking on Season 7, Tash and Dave had hooked up on their previous boat. But the chief stew wanted to keep it a secret from the crew. This move ate Dave up inside. The chef would lash out every time he had a drink. The relationship was beyond problematic as the crew was severely disrupted. 

Their issues spilled over into service during a wine-pairing dinner, which was uncomfortable for everyone. Dave then called Tash every name under the sun and moved out of his shared bunk room with her. 

Luka and Natalya and Jessika (Best) 

Season 8’s Luka Brunton was a smokeshow. Upon boarding the yacht, Luka formed a very flirty relationship with Natalya. The two were cute. Both were good-looking, and they seemed mostly harmless. At the time, Nat was trying to figure out her open relationship with her boyfriend back on land. Eventually, Nat left the boat, and Luka turned his sights to Jessika Asai. The two ended up having a season-long boatmance, but it fizzled out. The connections just seemed like harmless flirting in the end. 

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