Kandy Muse on House of Villains Season 2.
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Kandy Muse Teases House of Villains Season 2: ‘Everyone Really Appreciated Me’

Who else is counting down the days for House of Villains Season 2? The first season was perfection, with a cast that provided endless comedy and who formed real friendships. Now there is a new group of villains ready to slay. RuPaul’s Drag Race star Kandy Muse is aiming to nab the title of America’s Ultimate Supervillain. And she’s got a lot to say about her time on the show, and which costar could give everyone a run for their money in the Werk Room.

Kandy has drama with her costars but there is still “mutual respect”

Kandy Muse for House of Villains Season 2.
Photo Credit: Art Streiber/E! Entertainment

House of Villians is a fun concept. Reality TV baddies from various shows live in a house together and compete for a cash prize along with the title of America’s Ultimate Supervillain. And Kandy is definitely up for the challenge, as well as cementing her status as an iconic villain. 

US Weekly reported Kandy’s thoughts on being a villain and whether she got along with her costars. Kandy said, “I knew that on Drag Race I was considered a little villain, which, hey, I’ll take it. Because villains are always the most iconic ones. And TV shows and movies, they’re always the most memorable ones. So when I got asked to do House of Villains, I was like, ‘Oh, absolutely. There’s no doubt, let’s do it!’” 

Kandy was amiable with her costars but said she wasn’t afraid to get into it with them either. She shared, “I got along with everyone for the most part. Yes, there was drama, but I think everyone in there had a mutual respect for each other, specifically for me, because they knew I was getting in drag.” Who couldn’t love the looks Kandy serves?

During the interview, hosted by BetUS, she added, “And they were also fascinated with the art of drag, how I went from being my boy self to being this glamorous diva. So, everyone for the most part really appreciated me. Doesn’t mean we didn’t get into it!” It sounds like this season will have a similar vibe to the first one, which is more friendly than expected.

Kandy also thought one of her costars would do great on Drag Race. And that is Tiffany “New York” Pollard. She stated, “New York because I think New York is already a drag queen. She was putting out these extravagant looks, and I was just like, ‘Oh, my God, girl, you’re eating me up!’ New York for sure.”

One thing is for certain, Kandy has no plans to sashay away before taking down that title. And we can’t wait to see it!

House of Villains is streaming on Peacock.