Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Season 15, Episode 1 Recap: Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All…

Million Dollar Listing LA cast.
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It was a rollercoaster ride of a premiere for Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Season 15, Episode 1! The real estate market has gone from an upswing to a downswing. And that meant it was time for LA’s top agents to get creative. This week, Altman and Tracy venture to OC to sell properties, and Flagg loses out on a big deal. On top of that, Altman and Flagg have a falling out. Here’s everything you need to know about MDLLA Season 15, Episode 1: “Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All…” 

Million-dollar listings outside of Los Angeles

Tracy Tutor in a white dress walking into a house on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles
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It’s time to hustle! We open with Altman, Flagg, and Tracy discussing the challenging market landscape. Mortgage rates are up, and there is a new million-dollar home sales tax. Both are discouraging sellers and buyers. Tracy lamented, “Sellers don’t want to sell … so that ruins our life. The market sucks.” So, the crew figured out new ways to battle the market. Altman has a new office in Orange County, and Tracy is also selling in Orange County and Texas. 

However, Flagg isn’t letting the market change his strategy. He’s sticking with Bel Air and Beverly Hills. Personally, Flagg is taking a break from his boyfriend. With a “nasty divorce” last season, he realized he needed more positivity in his life. But don’t let that fool you. Flagg shared he is still, “egotistical, condescending, somewhat rude, and abrasive.” That’s the Josh we know and love.

The struggle for listings has also affected Altman and his family. A new office in the OC means more work and less time with the fam. Tracy has to worry about her family as well. College tuition for her girls won’t pay itself! This meant she’d take on listings she normally wouldn’t. Like an ocean-view home in the OC that has been listed for over 30 days. Tracy will also be co-listing with the seller. Drama is on the horizon, folks.

Altman ditched Flagg on a co-listing

Josh Altman for MDLLA promo.
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Heather and Altman know how to gather a crowd for an open house. And that is by having lots and lots of caviar. The two are co-listing a home on Readcrest with another agent who just happens to be the wife of the investor of the property. That’s sure to go well. However, Altman is up for the challenge. He stated, “It’s been on the market for 18 months, it’s stale. It almost makes me want to sell it more. The more screwed up the deal, the more I want to sell it!”

There’s just one problem. Flagg was supposed to be on that co-listing with Altman instead. He told Tracy he viewed the house with Altman only to see it listed soon after without him. A conversation between the Joshs was to be had. But first, Flagg and Tracy watched his acting debut on Days of Our Lives. He was asked to play “an aggressive businessman with an affinity for cocaine.” Spicy! Tracy gave his acting skills a solid B.

Back at the open house, Heather and Josh made a slight exaggeration regarding the home’s square footage. They pitched the home as 9000 livable square feet instead of the actual 7200. The extra square feet include a blank concrete area that can be made into a livable space. Tracy noted, “It’s a very expensive 7200 square foot house, but it ain’t 9000.”  

Tracy is trying to work her magic again by selling an overpriced home

Tracy Tutor in a red dress for Million Dollar Listing LA.
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Last season Flagg tried to sway his friend Carly not to buy a property to knock it down and rebuild.  However, she moved forward anyway. Now the initial projection of ten million dollars to build her dream home has turned into thirty. But Flagg has a plan. He has a potential buyer who is interested in her Beverly Hills lot. This sale would give Carly an out and a profit to buy something else. Unfortunately, she’s not yet convinced. 

Tracy is having a broker open for the OC property she’s co-listing. And she is not impressed. Tacky blue balloons adorned the for sale sign “screaming I’m having a boy reveal,” not check out this nine million dollar home. Still, Tracy was happy with the amount of brokers and potential buyers who showed up. They gave much-needed feedback that their listing was overpriced. Can Tracy work her magic and sell an overpriced home again?

Altman then showed up to support Tracy. He had no hard feelings that she was also selling in the OC. According to Altman, “When the king goes somewhere, people follow.” Cringe. Altman revealed that the co-listing drama with Flagg happened because the seller only wanted to list with him. Which shouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that Altman “forgot” to tell Flagg. Womp, womp. He said his friendship with Flagg was like a co-listing. Altman said, “He has to do all the work” and Flagg “walks away with half of the money and did nothing.” Ouch. Tracy tried to convince him to speak to Flagg, but Altman wasn’t ready quite yet. 

Flagg loses out on a “record-breaking” offer

Josh Flagg on an important call in MDLLA.
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Finally, we get a kooky Flagg scene. Somehow he’s never used a Keurig coffee maker before. After ten minutes of pushing random buttons, he pours the perfect up. Unfortunately for him, his assistant already brought him a cup from Starbucks. Oop. After the coffee debacle was sorted out, he turned to real estate matters with his friend Carly. He has a record-breaking offer of 16.5 million for her Beverly Hills lot. That’s a five million dollar profit in two years. Yet she is not impressed. Where will she build her new home? Flagg assures her they will find another property, and this offer won’t come up again. Carly told Flagg it wasn’t “compelling enough.” Oh, to be rich. 

Altman and Heather are having drama of their own with the Readcrest house. They’ve had to cancel several showings because the seller keeps doing short-term leases. A frustrated Altman wondered how they were supposed to sell the home if they never had access to it. He added this may be a short-term solution to help the seller make money, but long term it’s just “putting a band-aid on it.” Will Altman and Heather be able to sell the Readcrest home? I have a feeling it will be all season until we find out!

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