Below Deck

Below Deck Captain Lee Rosbach

Never sleep in a guest cabin. That was the takeaway from last week’s episode of Below Deck. Though if you think Francesca Rubi is done berating Elizabeth Frankini over it, you thought wrong. In fact, this week’s Below Deck picks up smack dab in the middle of their cliffhanger argument. In the crew mess. In front of all their other co-workers. Now, call me crazy, but that’s not the most professional way of handling workplace conflict. Right?

Yes, Elizabeth was wrong. But she’s also the one who has to extract herself from the situation and go cry in her room. She also finds a solution by calling her energy healer Godfrey for support. And a major cleansing. Which apparently involves virtually lifting away her “first, second, third and fourth dimensional gray, black, dark matter.” This is the perfect time for Captain Lee Rosbach to walk in on the conversation. He has no idea what’s going on, but shrugs it off with a “different strokes for different folks” mentality. C’est la vie, energy healing!

Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck

Not everyone is into the cast shake-up of Below Deck this year. On top of that, there’s been non-stop turnover or talk of turnover this season. It still feels like we’re just getting into the good stuff at long last.

Either way, one of the most iconic moments of Below Deck or even Below Deck Mediterranean took place this season. The hilarious and enraging moment where charter-guest Delores jumped overboard at night. While Drunk. After Captain Lee Rosbach specifically demanded she didn’t. It was….a lot. Unlike other overboard moments we’ve seen, this was semi-hilarious. Delores just DILLIGAFed away while Lee absolutely spiraled.

Below Deck Rachel Hargrove

Eddie Lucas returned to Below Deck after doing enough penance for hooking up with kooky stew Rocky Dakota.  He is highly skilled as a Bosun and knows how to be on a reality show without totally embarrassing himself, except for the previously mentioned incident.

Eddie is back on the show, but acts like he is over it already.  He hangs out in the wheelhouse with Captain Lee Rosbach to gossip about the rest of the crew.  Some of it is warranted attention, mainly anything to do with the erratic Chef Rachel Hargrove.  But now, almost a year since filming, Rachel is questioning why Eddie discussed his issues with everyone except her.

Below Deck Chef Rachel Hargrove

What comes out of Rachel Hargrove’s mouth is unpredictable at best.  We know it’s going to be vulgar, and it’s going to be blunt.  But in a strange way, the Below Deck Season 8 chef seems to be looking out for Elizabeth Frankini and showing a little bit of caring in the process.  Though perhaps she just wants to target James Hough, and indirectly put Elizabeth’s better interests in the forefront.

Rachel  also got involved in the drama between Chief Stew Francesca Rubi and the under-performing Elizabeth.  Elizabeth’s thoughtless naivete, though tiring, doesn’t necessarily warrant the dismissive responses from Francesca, and other crew members are starting to take notice.  Izzy Wouters is team Elizabeth, while Rachel offered up some helpful advice to the floundering stew.

Below Deck Francesca Rubi

Welcome back to Below Deck. Where, yep, you guessed it, everyone is still sick. My Seanna has basically become a floating infirmary at this point. And the worst part is that we’re still smack dab in the middle of a charter. The other worst part? That James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini‘s boat-mance seems to be sinking faster than the Titanic itself. In fact, maybe the only good part is that the boat has become a safe haven a world away from the pandemic that’s taking over America. (At this point during filming, we’ve reached March 8, 2020.) So sure, Rachel Hargrove may be having serious G.I. issues, but at least it’s not coronavirus?

Eddie Lucas brings a doctor on board to start doling out medicine for the under-the-weather crew. Antibiotics for Elizabeth! IV therapy for Rachel! And nothing but a flirty charter guest for Ashling Lorger. Because, even though she’s come down with the same illness as the chef, she’d rather power through and show Francesca Rubi how tough she is. Is refusing medical treatment some sort of weird power play to get promoted to second stew? (Also, just so we’re clear, no Elizabeth, UTIs are not contagious.)

Alex Radcliffe

Bravolebrities are a delightful microcosm of reality TV stars.  Whether your distraction of choice is one of the Real Housewives series or a Below Deck spinoff, the Bravo channel is a self-sustaining entertainment community.  Fan favorites from different shows get screen time on Watch What Happens Live, where they mix and mingle with Andy Cohen.

It’s a good environment for cross-cast friendships to develop.  Maybe a little flirting as well.  Take Alex Radcliffe and Heather Gay.  The Real Housewife of Salt Lake City star was on WWHL with the Below Deck Mediterranean deck hand for the holiday episode.  It was filmed virtually, but the two seem to have breached the screen barrier and hit it off.  Maybe it was the sight of Alex in a Santa suit.  More on that later.

Below Deck Elizabeth Frankini

Welcome back to Below Deck, where Hurricane Hargrove has made landfall in Antigua. That’s right, Chef Rachel Hargrove‘s drunken rampage on the crew’s day off isn’t over yet. At the end of last week’s episode, the polarizing chef was last seen demanding the house band bust out their best Patsy Cline. Well, that or some “nasty ass music.” Needless to say, the entire crew is mortified. And not even Francesca Rubi‘s prodding can get her off the stage.

Eddie Lucas is so embarrassed that he simply walks away. As in physically removes himself from the situation to not be associated with his least favorite co-worker. Eventually, Izzy Wouters joins Francesca, and the two manage to coax Rachel back to the audience. Where she promptly crashes, falling asleep without a care in the world. But the damage is done. Rachel’s off-charter behavior is way past being a problem. And it’s about to get worse.

Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain has had to make a life on land for herself after quitting Below Deck last season.  The original chief stew that regaled us for years with her pithy, dry sarcasm is the queen of Bravo talk shows now.  She co-hosts Bravo’s Chat Room with Gizelle Bryant, Porsha Williams, and Hannah Berner.  Kate also appeared on Galley Talk with other Below Deck Alums.

Recently, Kate was looking for some new artwork to adorn her wall for the show.  She attempted to purchase a piece, but found that her supposed clout from Below Deck did not transfer to negotiating a sale with an in demand artist.