Below Deck

Kate Chastain Below Deck

This season of Below Deck is a total and utter clusterf–k! The crew isn’t getting along, the guests continue to be disappointed by something each week, and now we can add equipment malfunctions to the lists. Good times!

After Kate Chastain sorted laundry on the crew mess floor in front of Captain Lee Rosbach, who seriously looked on as impassively as if he was an insomniac flicking through informercials at 3am, Ashton Pienaar blows a gasket about how Kate treating the crew so callously has created a culture where no one wants to work with her. Really?

Kate is so upset she bursts into tears and winds up falling asleep sobbing as Rhylee Gerber strokes her back and covers her. Which was sweet. Have we ever seen emotions other than anger for Kate? Have we entered a new dimension?

Kate Chastain Below Deck

During last week’s episode of Below Deck, a drunk Kate Chastain jumped out of a moving van and threw laundry around the galley. In front of Captain Lee Rosbach. Ashton Pienaar, Brian de Saint Pern, Tanner Sterback, and Kevin Dobson were over Kate’s antics.

The guys are also over Rhylee Gerber. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck

Ashton Pienaar is finding his new management responsibilities challenging.  As the Below Deck season progresses, it’s obvious that Ashton is having a hard time separating his role as bosun with his drunken alter-ego Smashton.  Sure, he’s functioning quite well the next day physically. However, Ashton forgets that the time he spent bonding with his bros on a night out cannot cross into their professional life.

Since the return of Rhylee Gerber, it’s been a deck crew at odds.  As in, the guys versus Rhylee.  Ashton set the expectation from the beginning by warning Tanner Sterback and Brian de Saint Pern about her need for inclusivity and volatile personality.  When Rhylee told Simone Mashile that Tanner was dishing on their hookup, Ashton treated it like a betrayal to the group.  The tensions on these conflicts will come to a head during tonight’s week’s episode.

Tanner Sterback Below Deck

Captain Lee Rosbach would never admit it, but Kate Chastain was out of line during the last episode of Below Deck. Yes, Brian de Saint Pern said she was “kind of a bitch” and that isn’t OK. However, she was a diva all episode. She made the crew wait forever while she got ready for a day at the pool. Kate said this was acceptable since she has a “higher rank” than everyone else on the boat. But, how long does it take to put on a bikini and sunglasses? That was absurd. She kept calling Brian a “yachtie” when he asked her not to.

She threw the cast members’ clothes all over the crew mess in front of Captain Lee. She jumped out of the production van. It just really wasn’t a good look for Kate, all around. At least the captain has her back because it doesn’t seem like many other crew members do.

Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck

How sloppy could it get last episode on Below Deck?  There was some sort of built up resentment towards Chief Stew Kate Chastain.  Yes, she keeps the entire crew waiting for her on their off time. And, yes, Kate uses rank to explain her tardiness, but it’s not as if she lounged solo to be elitist.  The girl just wanted some down time.

Brian de Saint Pern was out of step with the group for a while as he nursed an infected knee.  He emerged healed and anxious to police the “relationship” of Simone Mashile and Tanner Sterback.  Brian also picked up on the group’s tension towards Kate and Kevin Dobson was happy to encourage feelings of resentment towards Kate.  This all led up to the explosive situation between Brian and Kate in the taxi.  Then a stack of freshly laundered and pressed pants end up on the floor.  How did we get here?

Below Deck’s Tanner Sterback Says Rhylee Gerber Was Interested In Everyone But No One Was Interested In Her

Falling under the category of “No One Asked You,” comes Below Deck’s Tanner SterbackWho has decided to weigh in on resident bad girl Rhylee Gerber’s interest in Brian de Saint Pern. And like the ass class act he is, he takes it to a juvenile level.

I would expect nothing less from a man who brags about his conquests with Simone Mashile to the other guys.  Who knew high fiving after a hook up was something guys did in real life? I thought it was just made for TV douchery.  

Rhylee Gerber Below Deck

This season of Below Deck was great right from the jump, but the drama turned up a notch (or twenty) when Rhylee Gerber returned. She got into a fight with Kevin Dobson, over appetizers. Ashton Pienaar has less-than-thrilled to be reunited with her. Basically, none of the guys are really warming up to her.

On the bright side, she’s given us viewers a lot to talk about. However, her all of her fellow crew members don’t feel the same way.

Kate Chastain Below Deck

Last night’s Below Deck was brought to you by booze and the patriarchy, which, as history has shown us time and time again, is a terrible combination. Luckily we had Rhylee Gerber to be a good counterbalance! Well, kinda.

After a short easy charter of moms wanting to relive their glory days chasing Captain Lee The Grateful Dead, Captain Lee rewards the crew with a mid-season skip day. Usually this means binge drinking at a touristy resort, but Thailand’s added bonus means they get to spend an additional afternoon off at an elephant sanctuary.