Love Is Blind

New Netflix Show “Too Hot To Handle” Has Contestants That Can’t Kiss, Hook Up Or Have Self-Gratification To Win Cash Prize

Do you miss Love is Blind? I definitely had a hangover from watching so many episodes in a row. But quarantine left me no other option but to get sucked in. With that said, I was pretty invested and felt like it was an enjoyable show. I even find myself following up on how all the couples are doing, as they are giving us plenty of content lately. It’s even been renewed for a second and third season.

Aside from Love is Blind, I have been a pretty big Netflix fan in general. Tiger King rocked my world, y’all. I am still reeling from it. But Netflix is going back to the dating show formula and is working on a new show that’s got quite the interesting premise.

Amber Pike Matt Barnett Love Is Blind

Love is Blind is long over but the revelations coming out of the show are still going strong! While some couples, like Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes, didn’t make it or even stay in contact after the show, others thrived and are still together.

One such couple is Amber Pike and Matt Barnett. To be honest, I really didn’t think this couple was even going to say “I do”. Between Amber’s immaturity and financial problems, to Barnett’s family seemingly turning their nose up at Amber, it just didn’t seem like a good match from the start. But I’ve been wrong before and I will be wrong again – right now actually. Amber and Barnett are still going strong. Now, they’re dishing about some of the drama they faced behind the scenes of the show.

Kelly Chase Kenny Barnes Love Is Blind

If you haven’t binged on Love is Blind on Netflix, I have no idea what you’re waiting for. I watched back to back episodes over the course of three days. I don’t know if I’ve ever gone through a series that fast. Not even past seasons of Real Housewives on Hulu kept me at such rapt attention.

With that said, I do have a bit of a Love is Blind hangover. Meaning, I had too much of it but somehow, getting more is the only way I’m going to feel better. You know, like the hair of the dog. Maybe that sounds dramatic. But, you are talking to someone who just admitted to dedicating three days to one TV show. Moderation is not my strong suit.

Kelly Chase Kenny Barnes Love Is Blind

It was pretty shocking on the Love is Blind finale when Kelly Chase ditched Kenny Barnes at the altar. Sure, we didn’t see a ton of their relationship. However, their families really hit it off and most fans assumed they didn’t get much screentime because they had such a solid relationship.

After the show aired, and the cast was allowed to do press, the former couple claimed that they planned to break up at the altar with the intention to date after. Allegedly, they wanted to still be together, but didn’t want to get married after knowing each other for a month. Understandable. However, one of the Love Is Blind producers has a totally different perspective on Kenny and Kelly.

Love Is Blind Jessica Batten Mark Cuevas

Love Is Blind is such a fascinating show because the cast members solely got to know each other through talking and didn’t even get to see each other. Well, that’s mostly true.

Considering that the show solely featured Atlanta residents, it really isn’t that shocking that two people actually knew each other prior to filming Love Is Blind. It’s a bit surprising that it was not actually mentioned on the show, but that’s where social media comes in: to fill in those gaps.

Carlton Morton Love is Blind Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

If you’ve watched Love Is Blind, you will know that the most controversial couple by far was Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack. They had a strong connection and a sweet story. Their proposal was adorable and I truly think everyone was rooting for them. And then it all went wrong. Carlton slipped a ring on Diamond’s finger and they jetted off to Mexico for a very short-lived honeymoon of sorts.

It was there that Carlton revealed his bisexuality to a surprised Diamond. She asked for time to process and they didn’t sleep in the same room that night. While it looked promising the next day when they went pool-side to talk, things quickly spiraled out of control. Carlton threw the ring in the pool, called her a bitch and rightfully ended up getting a drink thrown in his face. If it wasn’t so sad and shocking, I would have been so excited about that drink throw. It’s always been a dream of mine but enough about me. Carlton seemed ill-equipped for the pressures of reality TV but it turns out that this isn’t his first foray into the scene.

Love Is Blind’s Lauren Speed And Cameron Hamilton Want Their Own Spin-Off

Few reality TV couples have captured my heart like Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from the hit Love Is Blind. They both knew from the jump that their relationship was special and so did the viewers. We didn’t even have to see them contemplating if they had connections with anyone else, that’s how strong their bond was. They were the first (that we saw) of the couples to get engaged and they really did seem to have the strongest bond there.

It was hard to not feel invested in their love story, even if it was a tad predictable. The only real hurdles they faced were Lauren introducing her father to Cameron, which she had never done in her previous relationships. As if that wasn’t enough, Lauren had never dated a white man either so she wasn’t exactly sure how her father would react. But he was stern and kind, with some sweet words to assure Cameron that he was being welcomed into the family with open arms. We all know that things only went up from there, despite Lauren holding out on telling Cameron if she would say “I do” or not. She obviously did and here we are.

Kelly Chase Kenny Barnes Love Is Blind

Ok, I will admit it – I am obsessed with Love Is Blind. While I could have done without all the recapping/flashbacks in the wedding episode (hello, Netflix, this is a binge show and I just watched all that today), the end really kept me on the edge of my seat. It didn’t disappoint. I think it was safe to assume some of the couples, ahem, Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas, weren’t going to leave with a happy ending, but some of them really threw me for a loop.

One couple that surprised fans was Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase. They seemed into each other. Sure, Kelly did mention some lack of sexual excitement but she seemed full steam ahead for the majority of the show. It wasn’t until the finale that I realized something was amiss. Her whole demeanor changed and she seemed less than excited about what was going to happen. While getting ready for her “wedding”, she seemed uncomfortable and anxious. I knew it was over when she put zero effort into her makeup. That was a huge tell that this was not going to be her true wedding day as no bride would walk down the aisle like that. Just saying. But when Kelly said “I don’t”, it sunk in that this just wasn’t there time to get married. Still, there seemed to be a lot of love there and that doesn’t just go away.