Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

Am I the only one who has binged Netflix’s Love Is Blindtwice? Well, I did, and I’m not sorry for it. This show is a reality television masterpiece. It has everything fans of romantic reality shows love – proposals out of nowhere, hot tubs and rose petals, epic fights featuring Beyonce lyrics, and Jessica Batten (google her). It’s so great to watch a first season of a reality show. The kinks haven’t been worked out yet, and it doesn’t have a reputation, which makes it more authentic. Part of the fun of watching this show was the extreme social experiment of getting engaged to someone you’ve never seen. But what was more fun was how messy it got. Literally.

Giannina Gibelli was a standout personality. She proposed to Damian Powers in the pods, and then continually self-sabotaged throughout the “experiment.” On the day of their wedding, Giannina was denied by Damian at the alter and she quickly became the runaway bride who fell in mud. Then in the next scene, we see her dramatically confront Damian, and her dress is whiter than white. People on Twitter were quick to call out shoddy editing.

Mark Cuevas Love Is Blind

Is anyone out there NOT obsessed with Love Is Blind? I have to admit, I was a little late to the party, not really being up for yet another reality dating show. They are starting to all feel the same and I just can’t get into the actual love connections. But when I finally did watch, I was immediately sucked in and fully invested. The premise of the show pretty unique. Yes, I know it’s been compared to Married At First Sight but it IS different so don’t at me! I also found each of the love matches hard to stop watching.

One couple that was especially interesting to follow was Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas. After being rebuffed by her top choice Matt Barnett (better known by his last name Barnett), Jessica went rushing into the arms….erm, pod, of her second choice Mark. He was ten years her junior but boy was he head over heels for her. Coming off a rejection, it wasn’t hard to see that she was reaching in this relationship and truthfully, it was the train wreck I couldn’t look away from. Plus, what reality show doesn’t feature a storyline that we all know is going south?

Love Is Blind Star Damian Powers Doesn’t Regret Dumping Giannina Gibelli At The Altar Even Though They Got Back Together

I am still cringing after watching Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers’ failed wedding during the Love Is Blind finale. They both said their vows and then Damian called out Giannina for her inconsistencies and he decided not to marry her. Then, she stormed out, slipped in the mud, and dramatically ripped off a piece of her wedding dress and handed it to Damian. Slight tangent here, but the editing on this made no sense. There was zero mud on her dress when she finally talked to Damian “after” she ran away. Anyway, moving on.

Damian was so into Giannina the entire time. In contrast, she seemed to present a different person to him at each moment. She was way too into her phone and social media instead of forging a bond with her then-fiance. Oh, and she said he wasn’t coming through with the sex. She put this guy through the ringer. I do not blame him for walking away from that roller coaster of a relationship. But, here’s the kicker: they are back together after all that. Wait. What?

Love Is Blind Star Lauren Speed Says Her Father Has No Issue With Husband Cameron Hamilton Being White

I cannot be the only who cried watching Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton get married on the Love is Blind finale. They fell in love without even seeing each other through conversations they had in the “pods.”

Normally, I watch reality TV dating shows for the trainwrecks, but these two are just so pure and wonderful and I was actually very entertained. I, along with all of the other viewers cannot help rooting for them. Fun fact: Love Is Blind was actually filmed a year and a half ago. And good news, the two of them are actually still together today. For the most part it was all smooth sailing, except for the fact that Lauren never imagined herself dating a white guy, let alone marrying one.