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Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Braunwyn Windham-Burke carried this entire season of Real Housewives of Orange County. It has been dark, difficult, and surprisingly honest. Braunwyn admitted that she is an alcoholic. During the coronavirus lockdown, Braunwyn told RHOC viewers that she had never used a washing machine. And that she physically hit her husband, Sean Burke, for the second time.

That is horrible. Worse yet, the incident happened in front of one of their kids. Braunwyn regretted her actions, and said that “Sean was the only thing that stood between me, and you know, a bottle of alcohol.” Again–physical violence is never acceptable.

John Pringle Southern Charm

Patricia Altschul did all she could to make John Pringle and Madison LeCroy an item.  The Southern Charm matriarch made it clear that she thought Austen Kroll was beneath dating her favorite hair stylist.  In an attempt to set Madison up with a man more befitting her, Patricia plied Pringle with martinis and the idea of pursuing Madison.

It worked at first.  Pringle and Madison hung out while their kids played baseball together, and by gosh there was some flirting going on.  Pringle made his intentions known to both Madison, and laughably, Austen too.  But after seeing Madison’s interaction with Austen during what was supposed to be his birthday party, Pringle’s opinion of Madison seemed to have changed.  And this odd love triangle turned more into a bro-mance than a new Southern Charm power couple.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Real Housewives Of Orange County

Braunwyn Windham-Burke has been on quite the journey. I know we have said it over and over but it’s true. Honestly, it’s hard keeping up with Braunwyn news these days. In the course of this season of Real Housewives of Orange County, she’s given us a lot. She’s admitted to being an alcoholic, slapping her husband, Sean Burke and now coming out as a lesbian. I’ll say it again – that was all in one season. Whew.

Despite her living her truth, not everyone is feeling it. She’s been accused of being thirsty for attention multiple times. Some even think she’s using her alcoholism as a storyline. For the record, I don’t support that theory. I think Braunwyn needed help and didn’t want to quit the show so she put it all out there. Which for others struggling with abuse must be a big moment of relatability. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Gretchen Rossi

Yesterday, a lot of people shared inspirational sentiments in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Thirst monster Real Housewives of Orange County alum Gretchen Rossi shared a post in his honor. However, she tainted the sentiment by taking the opportunity to promote a florist, which bothered some Instagram users.

Real Housewives of Orange County Braunwyn Windham-Burke Shannon Beador

This season of Real Housewives of Orange County hasn’t been the most exciting. Let’s be honest. However, my hopes are high for the reunion.

I have been wondering for days what Braunwyn Windham-Burke allegedly did to Shannon Beador’s daughter Stella Beador. Ever since that reunion trailer came out, I have been so curious. Of course, we will find out in due time since the reunion is airing soon. But, who wants to be patient when they’re craving the tea?

Lisa Barlow Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

When we first met Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars Heather Gay and Lisa Barlow, their relationship was already rocky. Lisa, who owns several alcohol brands with her husband, channeled Mariah Carey and denied knowing Heather during their days at the same college. Well, except that she remembered that her RHOSLC co-star was “a good time girl.”

This was news to Heather, who was upset by Lisa’s comments. Heather, who owns Beauty Lab & Laser, is divorced from Billy Gay III who comes from “Mormon Royalty.” She has struggled to find her footing since her divorce, and recently confided in her three daughters that she feels shamed and judged by the Mormon church.

John Pringle Southern Charm

After so many dull episodes, Southern Charm has picked it up as the season comes to a close. It’s been an interesting one. The internet is swarming with haters for this show. While the series has always been a known problem, this season is particularly eye-opening. For the cast as well. Temperatures are starting to boil over now that some accountability has come into play.

Then there’s the weird love triangle between Madison LeCroyAusten Kroll, and John Pringle. Talk about hot mess express.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Y’all we did it. We made it through this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. This season included the co-pandemics of the Coronavirus and the country’s glaring issues of racial inequities. Being filmed during the beginnings of the pandemic shutdowns made this season much different from anything we’ve seen on Bravo before. For instance, it was also our first season without icky Vicki Gunvalson. The cast shake up and current events somehow shifted the focus all the way left to Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

The reunion trailer featured Braunwyn taking a beating from the other women. Not to mention they’ve all been trashing her since the season ended. Above all, it’s pretty obvious she is on the major outs with the cast.