Anjelica Conti

Also Known As: Anjelica Conti Vispisiano • Born: 04/15/1995

Anjelica Conti Vispisiano, a skilled American hair stylist, gained recognition as a contestant on the inaugural season of the American adaptation of “The Traitors.” Born on April 15, 1995, in Staten Island, New York City, she showcased her talent and creativity in the competitive environment of reality television. Anjelica’s journey on the show was marked by her commitment and determination, earning her a notable place in the competition. Tragically, her time on the show was cut short as she was eliminated in Episode 7, leaving a mark with her distinctive contributions.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Peacock

Hair Stylist

Anjelica Conti is not just a reality TV personality; she’s also an accomplished hair stylist, showcasing her talents beyond the small screen.

TV Debut

Anjelica made her television debut as a contestant on the first season of the American version of “The Traitors,” where her skills and personality shone through.

Early Departure

Despite her early elimination from “The Traitors,” Anjelica’s time on the show left a lasting impact on audiences, showcasing her potential in the entertainment industry.

Height: N/A

Nationality: American

Show(s): The Traitors

Network(s): Peacock

Guest Appearances: N/A

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Children: N/A

Father: N/A

Mother: N/A

Siblings: N/A

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