West Wilson

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West Wilson, a burgeoning talent in the entertainment realm, injects his Midwestern charm into Bravo’s “Summer House” in its eighth season. A 28-year-old sports journalist, West bravely ventures into reality TV, documenting his journey of resilience following a career setback. Renowned for his magnetic personality and deep connection with castmate Lindsay Hubbard, West’s narrative delves into the complexities of friendship, navigating the challenges of dating, and the pursuit of personal growth against the vibrant backdrop of summer escapades. As audiences tune in, they witness West’s authenticity and determination to carve a new path in the spotlight.

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Midwestern Charm

West Wilson is celebrated for his engaging Midwestern charm, which he brings into the dynamics of “Summer House,” offering a refreshing perspective on friendship and dating.

Professional Shift

Following a mass staff layoff, West showcases resilience by actively searching for new career opportunities, demonstrating his adaptability and determination.


West’s entry into the “Summer House” sphere is marked by his connection with Lindsay Hubbard, hinting at the show’s intertwined personal and social dynamics.

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Show(s): Summer House

Network(s): Bravo

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