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Big Brother 21 Week 10 Recap: A Double-Eviction For The Ages

I’ve thought long and hard about this, but I firmly stand by it: There is simply nothing in Reality TV that is more breath-taking, more nerve-racking, than Double-Eviction night of Big Brother. It’s somewhat become “must see TV” for fans of the show, who might opt to DVR a normal episode of Big Brother under normal circumstances.

But as I do every Double-Eviction, I kept myself off of Twitter and social media even though I desperately wanted to know the outcome, as I watched it on like a 20-minute delay (it’s a MUST to be able to fast-forward through those commercials on such an important evening). Watching the show live and not knowing the outcome is an absolute thrill, and not at all common in today’s “binge” culture. But seriously is there anything cooler than Double-Eviction? And this one especially my friends, did not disappoint.

I’ll try to avoid spoilers above the warning label, but as I do at the beginning of every one of my Survivor recaps, please heed the following: Remember that this recap assumes that you are caught up on all of the aired episodes of Big Brother 21. If you are not and don’t want to be spoiled, please come back later! It’s important to add that while we WILL hit on all of the important developments since the last recap, so if you need to go further back please click on the “Big Brother” Topic on this page to access past recaps…also, this is not a linear “blow-by-blow” recap, but is more of a discussion and reaction of what we just witnessed together.


Celebrity Big Brother Recap Episodes 10 & 11: Chaos Reigns

If you are a fan of Tom Green, then you most likely were thoroughly entertained by Celebrity Big Brother these past few days! When we last left off, Tom Green was just left shell-shocked after the surprise eviction of his best pal, Kato Kaelin. Tom was convinced that it was he who would be sent packing. The next few days that followed would put Tom on a whirlwind tour of Celebrity Big Brother, from bottom to top and back around again…ending in a live double-eviction episode this past Friday that sets the stage for the Celebrity Big Brother Finale that’s coming Wednesday, Feb 13th.

As I always state up-front – and much like my Survivor column for this very same outlet – what I plan to bring you this season isn’t exactly a blow-by-blow “recap” of the show.  Instead, this includes my thoughts, analysis, and reaction to the episode (or episodes) that we just witnessed. In other words, I’ll assume that you’ve seen the episode(s) each time. So please, please, PLEASE, if you do not want to have the show spoiled, don’t read any further until you’ve seen the episode(s)!