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Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Kristen Doute is having a major fan-supported come up this season. This comes after being ganged up on by Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder. It’s hard to tell if it’s Kristen is really a most-improved player or just the lesser OG evil on Vanderpump Rules. Either way, I am here for her. Truthfully, it’s difficult for me to be on the side of anyone Stassi has admitted to disliking.

Kristen has not only dealt with on-screen drama, but off-screen as well. First, Katie and Stassi tried to blame Kristen for making them look bad. Newsflash! You don’t need help there, ladies. Later, there were even body shaming pregnancy rumors swirling. Seriously, she has dealt with some twisted narratives all while having to get over her long time ex- Brian Carter. What can I say, I’m a sucker for an underdog story. And what better sidekick than the one and only baddie goddess queen, Ariana Madix?

Kristen Doute Vanderpump Rules


If there is anyone who has consistently kept the drama going on Vanderpump Rules, it’s Kristen Doute. Her drama this season with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney was pretty impressive. And Kristen has kept the momentum going with the release of her new book, He’s Making You Crazy. Fingers crossed her chapter with Brian Carter has officially closed.

I’m sure that Kristen not only has a lot of tea to spill about Carter in her book, but about former flames Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor as well. Who could forget one of the most dramatic moments in Pump Rules history when Kristen finally admitted she cheated on Tom with his best friend Jax. But what else does Kristen dish about the two? And most importantly, what would their significant others, Ariana Madix and Brittany Cartwright think?

Vanderpump Rules Tom Sandoval Ariana Madix Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright

Ugh – I am losing my patience for “Jax Taylor‘s show.” Jax needs to get off his high – very, very <snort, snort> high horse, and take Lisa Vanderpump‘s advice to “SHUT UP.” Lala Kent needs to come down with him. I do not need to see this jump off, with a face so inflated with fillers she looks like a balloon, tell anyone how to live. So are the days of Vanderpump Rules when the most awful people sanctimoniously judge others.

So much chaos in a zoom reunion. Even more so than in a regular old ‘on the stage’ reunion. The best though t’was Lisa chastising Andy Cohen for essentially showing up in his sweats. At the very least he could put on a low-cut satin blouse!

Jax and Tom Sandoval are rocking some serious facial hair. Is it like some sort of sign that they’re going to fight? Like they will start by throwing chairs at their computer screens, then throw the actual computers, then mutually run out their neighboring homes, race across the street and start brawling in the front lawn until they’re ticketed for breaking quarantine?

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright Vanderpump Rules reunion

The Vanderpump Rules Season 8 reunion kicks off tonight. Andy Cohen meets with the many Vanderpump Rules cast members via video chat to dish on the most interesting moments of the season and to drop some truth bombs about some tea none of us knew about.

Of course, we will see Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval’s feud play out, for the 100th time. And, most likely, they’ll be “best friends” again next season. However, I’m sure they’re gonna revisit the “pre-bachelor party” drama and the dueling pool parties.

Scheana Marie Says Tom Sandoval’s Feud With Jax Taylor “Hurts Her Soul”; Says Tom Was Just Looking Out For Jax

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is adamant that his friendship with Tom Sandoval is over. However, it’s hard to make any predictions with this cast. Tom forgave Jax for having sex with Kristen Doute while they were dating (when Tom was asleep in the next room), yet these two were able to patch things up.

Tom went out of the way to be a great best man in Jax’s wedding, bringing umbrellas, saving the locked-up alcohol, and he even had spare tampons in his suitcase. However, Jax dismissed all of that as a bid for attention. He never got over Tom’s objections to the homophobic pastor. Jax even said that he regretted having Tom in the wedding. And then there were the competing pool parties, which might weirdly be the kiss of death for this friendship- out of all the terrible things that have happened.


Scheana Marie knows what it’s like to be on the other end of Stassi Schroeder’s wrath….and Katie Maloney’s wrath….and Kristen Doute’s wrath, for that matter. The friendships on Vanderpump Rules are constantly changing.

This season Kristen is on the outs with Stassi and Katie, but at least it seems like Kristen has a lot of the viewers on her side. And Scheana Marie, who knows exactly how she could be feeling.

Scheana Marie Explains Why She Still “Works” At SUR & Why She Enjoys New Cast Members Added To Vanderpump Rules

This season of Vanderpump Rules is just so strange. There are too many cast members to keep track of and two distinct groups. The one person who bridges the gap between the new cast members and the long-time cast members is Scheana Marie. For some reason, she’s still “working” at SUR, even though she’s an original cast member with some successful side hustles.

However, she arguably gets the most screen time out of all of the cast members, so, apparently she’s doing something right… even if that something is just wearing a SUR uniform while she says embarrassing things.

Reality Stars Demand Justice For George Floyd- Porsha Williams, Garcelle Beauvais, Ariana Madix, & More

Normally, we love to keep things light and make sure our readers are entertained. We know that many people love to escape by reading our website and that’s something we understand. We also know that other times, our readers look to our site for that intersection of reality TV and other important news. Recently, our site has covered different aspects of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to the global health crisis, there are issues in this country that cannot be ignored. Recently, reality TV stars have been using their platforms to demand justice for George Floyd, a man who was killed on May 25 when a policer officer named Derek Chauvin shoved his knee into his neck. George told him, “Please, the knee in my neck, I can’t breathe.” According to CNN, witness Donald Williams told the policeman, “Officer, he’s not resisting arrest, you have your knee on him and you have handcuffs on him, he’s detained at this moment.'”

Over the weekend, some of your favorite reality TV stars attended protests. Others encouraged people to take action and speak up.