Big Brother 12

CBS has now unveiled the cast of the best reality show ever hit reality show Big Brother. The 13 houseguests that will be taking part in the 12th season of what CBS is dubbing the “Summer of Sabotage,” include a model, a bartender, and a chemistry graduate student who is also a VIP cocktail waitress.

But what everyone wants to know is what is the big twist this season? Well according to executive producer Allison Grodner, a mole has been planted among the houseguests to do the viewers’ bidding and disrupt the players’ lives during this season which debuts July 8 at 8 p.m. ET.

The mole, who will be revealed to viewers during the July 15 episode, is being called the Saboteur and isn’t eligible to win the $500,000 grand prize.

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“For the first time ever, we have someone in the house who, in a way, is playing their own game,” said Grodner, who stressed that the operative is not an actor but a real person who was picked alongside everyone else. “They’re playing for a cash prize, if they make it a certain amount of time in the house. If they don’t last, they’re out, and their cover is blown.”

The Saboteur is similar to season 8’s introduction of “America’s Player,” which allowed one contestant, Eric Stein, to complete viewer-voted tasks for cash, unbeknownst to his house mates. The main difference this time however is that the cast will be made aware of the saboteur’s existence beforehand.

Julie Chen returns as the show’s host.


The All New Cast is Below –

Kristen Bitting of Big BrotherKristen Bitting – a 24-year-old shoe boutique manager from Philadelphia


Enzo Palumbo of Big BrotherEnzo Palumbo – a 32-year-old insurance adjuster from Bayonne, N.J.



Britney Haynes OF Big BrotherBritney Haynes – a 22-year-old hotel sales manager from Huntington, Ark.


Brendon Villegas of Big BrotherBrendon Villegas – a 30-year-old high school swim coach from Riverside, Calif.


Monet Stunson of Big Brother Monet Stunson – a 24-year-old model from Glen Carbon, Ill.


Hayden Moss of Big BrotherHayden Moss – a 24-year-old college student from Tempe, Ariz


Annie Whittington of Big BrotherAnnie Whittington – a 27-year-old bartender from Tampa, Fla.


Matt Hoffman of Big BrotherMatt Hoffman – a 32-year-old web designer from Elgin, Ill.


Rachel Reilly of Big BrotherRachel Reilly – a 26-year-old chemistry graduate student/VIP cocktail waitress from Las Vegas


Ragan Fox of Big BrotherRagan Fox – a 34-year-old college professor from Los Angeles


Kathy Hillis of Big BrotherKathy Hillis – a 40-year-old deputy sheriff from Texarkana, Ark.


Andrew Gordon of Big BrotherAndrew Gordon – a 39-year-old podiatrist from Miami Beach, Fla.


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