On last night’s Teen Mom, Farrah continued her North American trek to find somewhere warm and sunny to live, Amber went to jail, Maci decided to go back to school, and Tyler and Catelynn worked on some relationship issues.

Amber and Gary are getting along swimmingly until Amber is arrested for domestic battery. Gary tells his mom it’s hard because Amber is doing everything she needed to do, they have finally developed a friendly, civil relationship, and the battery happened over six months ago.

Farrah is over her plan to move to Arizona and now wants to get her bachelor’s degree at a school in Florida. She discusses her plan with her mother who is supportive of her daughter furthering her education, but voices the same concerns about childcare for Sophia. Farrah explains that lots of girls her age have the experience of going off to college, and while her mom agrees, she points out that most girls her age aren’t trying to go to college full time with a toddler. Farrah’s mom offers to keep Sophia while Farrah moves to Florida, as plane flights home to visit Sophia would be much cheaper than full-time childcare if Farrah were to have her daughter with her full-time in Florida. Farrah become very upset at this suggestion.


Maci has finally decided to re-enroll in school, but the following weekend, Kyle shatters his knee in a motocross accident. Maci and Bentley go to Nashville to help Kyle’s mom as Kyle goes through knee surgery. Maci is worried that this set back will make it even harder to keep up with her studies. Meanwhile, Catelynn is working hard to graduate from high school while Tyler has started community college. Their different schedules give Tyler a lot more time to hang out with the couple’s friends. Tyler tries to organize a group to go clubbing, as he’s been through a lot, accomplished a lot, consistently done the right thing, and just wants to have a fun night for once. Can you blame the guy? Of course, Tyler hints to the fact that if Catelynn’s not okay with the outing, he’s probably going to go anyway.

When Catelynn arrives home from school, he extends the invitation to her. She admittedly lets her jealousy and insecurities get the best of her, and she’s crying about what must be wrong with her that he’d want to go dancing at a club. Tyler doesn’t understand why she can’t just come with him and have fun. He loves her, doesn’t she trust him? Yes, but she explains that her insecurities won’t allow her to think she’s good enough for him, and maybe they aren’t meant to work as a couple. Girlfriend needs to shut her mouth because sweet Tyler is close to perfect. Tyler thinks the entire conversation is draining, and Catelynn thinks he’s not being a good listener. She plans to go clubbing even if she miserable, because she’d rather be miserable going out than sit at home being miserable wondering what Tyler is doing. She wants Tyler to go to counseling, and he agrees. Did I miss something, or was that quite a jump? Not that counseling isn’t a stellar idea for anyone at anytime. In fact, I’d like to have one on call 24/7–who wouldn’t want a neutral party seeing things free of emotion?

While Kyle is under the knife, Maci meets a friend for coffee. The following day is Kyle’s birthday, but she has class for eight hours so she won’t be with him. Ryan will be getting Bentley then as well, so at least she will have a little bit of calm in her hectic life. Bentley is being an average toddler and terrorizing the shop displays as Maci half pays attention. Her disciplinary tactics are more her joking about giving her son away and dropping him off at the zoo than actually punishing him for his behavior. To each his own, as they say.

Farrah is changing the dog’s diaper and I want to buy her a leash and point her towards the backyard. Michael, her dad, stops in and she continues to chastise him for not knocking and questioning her on her move. If she calls him “Mike. Ull” one more time, I may scream. That man has a lot more patience than I do. Oh, and she’s decided to give away the dog. Why am I not surprised…it was an impulse buy, so when it becomes a hassle, let’s get rid of it. It’s an animal, a responsibility, not a toy. Oh the throw away mentality of today’s teens (holy crap, I sound like I’m eighty!).

Amber has to spend a full twenty-four hours in jail and the Court has issued a no contact order between Gary and Amber. Gary is very upset about the entire situation. He tells his mom he feels like they were finally at a place where things were looking up and now they can’t be in the same vicinity. Gary tells Leah that she has no idea what is going on right now. And amen that she doesn’t. That poor, sweet child…

Before hitting the club scene, Catelynn and Tyler head to counseling. He tries to placate her on the way to the counselor’s office. He asks her to keep an open mind and listen to the things he has to say without overreacting. Tyler wants open communication, and he wants to be able to express his feelings to her without her expecting the worst. Maybe Tyler should be MY counselor. Of course, his request brings Catelynn to tears because obviously what he wants her to keep an open mind about is how he plans to break up with her. No matter how much Tyler assures her that he has no bad news (or even any news at all), she can’t help but get more upset. I think he maybe just wants to be able to talk to her about what he’s thinking without the waterworks. Good luck with that.

Bentley stays with Kyle’s mom as Maci goes to get Kyle from the hospital. She has a hard time juggling Bentley’s tantrums while playing nurse to an immobile Kyle. Kyle urges her to get some rest so she won’t be exhausted for school the next day. His mom takes over watching Bentley so Maci can check her e-mail and sink dramatically to the floor in the bathroom, begging for alone time. Poor Kyle just lays on the sofa waiting for his meds to do their job.

At their counseling session, Catelynn tells the therapist that she is worried that Tyler is going to find someone new in college. Tyler understands where she’s coming from as they have been together so long that neither of them has gotten to experience much else in the dating world. The couple agrees that they both aren’t looking for anyone else, but Catelynn is still concerned because she doesn’t feel like she’s his type. It’s heartbreaking to see her insecurities over her body image cloud the immense amount of love he clearly has for her. He says he wouldn’t change a thing about her. The counselor tells them that nothing is certain, but they need to continue to keep the lines of communication open.

Amber is being released from jail, and for Indiana, I’m guessing it’s quite a scene with local paparazzi. One camera guy takes a spill, and it’s pretty funny. Amber’s mom goes to get Leah from Gary since Amber can’t go there herself. He explains that he really wants this to be resolved so he can communicate with Amber, but more than anything he is thrilled that Amber is still able to see her daughter. Was that maturity spewing from Gary’s lips? I do believe it was.

Maci and Ryan meet to exchange Bentley, and she’s already exhausted before her day of classes. Maci asks him if he’s taken off work to spend the day with Bentley, but Ryan tells her that he is no longer working, as that job wasn’t for him. Back at his parents’ house, Ryan’s dad plays with Bentley while Ryan looks on from the sofa. Over dinner, his mother presses as to why he hasn’t discussed legalizing his custody agreement with Maci. His parents think it’s common courtesy to tell her he’s seen a lawyer and his dad questions how Ryan is “operating on so many loose ends.” Maybe Ryan’s dad can be my counselor when Tyler’s busy.

Farrah and Sophia are in Florida to check out their potential new home. The duo meets with a realtor to go apartment hunting. The first place is a hit, so now Farrah is planning to move full steam ahead on a Florida relocation. She hopes her application to school will be accepted. And back in Tennessee, Maci is meeting with her academic advisor who is doling out some much needed tough love to motivate her to get through the semester.

It’s clubbing time, and sweet Tyler picks out an outfit he thinks his girlfriend looks especially nice wearing. This gesture clearly makes her feel pretty to him. The couple and their friends have a great time dancing, and Tyler takes the time to make sure that Catelynn is comfortable and having a good time. Love. Him.

After her exhausting day at school, and picking up Bentley from Ryan, Maci does the most logical thing ever and heads to the salon to get some major extensions “for Kyle’s birthday.” Um, I think he wanted a new Play Station game, but whatevs. Kyle is returning to Chattanooga on crutches, and Maci is hoping he’ll be able to help out with Bentley while she’s in school. Kyle really is very good with Bentley.

Farrah takes Sophia to the beach, and the toddler is not on board with the sand and the ocean, but it’s so pretty, I may move with Farrah. She calls her mom to give an update on her progress. Farrah manages to keep her cool as her mom is mildly passive aggressive about Sophia’s inability to appreciate the beach at this age, and she even tells her mom she loves her before hanging up the phone. Maybe Florida will be good for Farrah’s attitude. People are always nicer at the beach.

Amber is beyond excited to see Leah, and she discusses with her mom how much she appreciates her life even more after the time she spent in jail. Amber wants to forge a new and better relationship with her mother, and she asks her mom for love and support. Amber sincerely seems to want an escape from all the drama, and it’s heartbreaking to watch knowing all that has transpired since. Cue the depressing-curl-up-in-the-fetal-position music, and we’ve come to the end of yet another Teen Mom chapter.

Next week, Catelynn says good-bye to high school, Farrah and her mother head back to counseling over her move to Florida, Amber fears returning to jail, while Maci confronts Ryan about his partying while keeping Bentley.


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