Last night MTV decided to punish grace us with thirty extra minutes of Teen Mom, which was a tad confusing as it was just thirty extra minutes of the same old, same old. It seemed unnecessary. But enough of that, the ninety-minute episode had Amber continuing her legal battles with Child Protective Services, more drama erupting between Maci and Ryan, Farrah’s family going to counseling, and Catelynn and Tyler vacationing on Dwight Shrute’s beet farm.

Once out of the clink, Amber breaks up with Clinton so she can focus on herself and Leah. She was apparently in jail for twenty-four hours. I know this because she must tell her friend that twenty-four times during a two minute phone conversation.

Catelynn has finished her requirements for graduation. Even though their ceremony is a few months away, she and Tyler are eager to find out how Carly’s adoptive parents will respond to the invitation to come see the pair accept their high school diplomas. One quick check of their ipad (thanks, MTV!) reveals that Carly’s adoptive parents have sent Catelynn an e-mail. They are very proud of the teen’s accomplishments, but they are unable to give an answer as to whether they will come to graduation. They need more time to think about it. Not defeated, Catelynn and Tyler can see what a difficult decision this must be for Carly’s adoptive parents. The couple hopes that they will come, but they understand if they choose not to attend.


Maci is hanging out with Kyle while Bentley is with Ryan. A phone call from a friend reveals that Ryan has been the man about town while his parents have been keeping Bentley. Maci is frustrated that she has given Ryan an extra day with their son and he isn’t even spending it with him. Over at Ryan’s house, Bentley is playing trains with his grandmother and Ryan. Ryan changes Bentley into his pajamas when Ryan’s friend arrives to pick him up to go out for the night. Ryan’s mom is not happy about it. Ryan says he’d take Bentley with him to “eat” with him if it wasn’t after ten. What? When does this kid goes to bed? Ryan says good-night to his son and puts him to bed before heading out to “party, party” with his friend.

Farrah has decided that if she gets into school in Florida, she and Sophia will definitely be moving there. Her mom doesn’t want to her to rush into anything, and she breaks down saying she won’t be able to live without her daughter and granddaughter. Farrah blows off her mother’s sadness, but I have to agree she may be acting a tad dramatic…Farrah had to get it from somewhere! A few days later, Farrah and Sophia go to celebrate her step-dad biological father Michael’s birthday and to tell her parents that she has decided to get braces to help her future modeling career.

It’s Catelynn’s last day of class, and her teacher is very proud of Catelynn for not dropping out of school. Monte the teacher questions Catelynn about whether her own mother was a teen mom and applauds her for making the extremely difficult decision to place Carly up for adoption. He’s like the cool teacher from Boy Meets World (the early seasons, name please dear readers?) and Catelynn tells Mike she would love to teach pre-school one day.

Gary’s mom comes to visit Amber while Leah plays with her happy meal bag. Amber is beyond frustrated with the no-contact order imposed on her and Gary. She is scared at the prospect of going back to jail. Adorable Leah thankfully has no idea what is going on in her world.

Catelynn and Tyler are meeting friends and family for dinner to celebrate her last day of school. She wants to start school in September for teaching. Everyone is enjoying pizza when two of Tyler’s friends corner him about his relationship with Catelynn. Does Tyler have “what-ifs?” and can he picture himself with someone other than Catelynn? I want to reach through my television and knock these two doofuses heads together for planting the seed of another girl in Tyler’s head, but deep down, I think they kind of make a good point. I’m not saying that Tyler should sow his wild oats and see what else is out there besides Catelynn, but I do think he needs to be confident that their commitment is the right thing for both of them and not just because they share the experience of being Carly’s birth parents.

Maci gets Bentley back from Ryan. Her dad takes Bentley to go ride on his Jeep. Her mother questions her about school, and Maci reveals that she is finally caught up in all her classes and it feels great. Maci credits Kyle for making her go to class, and her mom is grateful. The trio discusses the drama with Ryan, and Maci says she doesn’t know how to deal with him. Her mom doles out some tough love, saying that her daughter should have thought about that before she had his child.

Amber has custody of Leah, and her mom is kind enough to baby-sit while Amber goes to counseling. Gary talks to a friend about how difficult the court imposed separation is for him. He tells his friend there is a hearing the following day as to whether Child Protective Services will continue to be involved with the pair’s case. Speaking of counseling, Farrah invites her mother and Michael to a family session with her therapist to discuss the changes that are going to be happening and the stress everyone is feeling.

It’s bath time with Bentley and he really is such a cute little bug. Maci and Kyle discuss Ryan coming to pick up Bentley the following day. Maci asks their son several questions as to who cares for him and feeds him and bathes him when he’s with his dad. Bentley answers each question with “Mimi.” Yikes.

Catelynn is planning a weekend getaway for herself and Tyler. He goes to his mother’s house to discuss the couple’s issue with going out clubbing stemming from Catelynn’s insecurities. While Tyler can’t understand her, he plans to stick by her as she works through her highs and lows.

Farrah is accepted to culinary school in Florida, and her mother feigns excitement for her when Farrah calls to tell her the news. Farrah and her dad drop off Sophia with the baby-sitter while the family heads to their counseling session. Her parents think that she is mature enough to make her move, with Micheal sounding very impressed with her recent travels and the forethought she has put into her future plans. Her mother also believes that Farrah is fully capable of moving so far from home, but her main concern is the change for Sophia. Farrah’s mom happens to mention that while she supports Farrah’s decision to move, she has offered several times to keep Sophia. The therapist seems appalled, questioning, “You’re asking a mother to leave her child?” And let the back pedaling begin! Her mother says she could keep Sophia and Farrah can skype with her daughter whenever she wants. Um…The counselor lays the smack down saying that while she understands the mother’s concerns, it’s Farrah’s call and she doesn’t need permission or approval. Both mother and daughter are brought to tears as there seems to be no middle ground in sight, while Michael looks on…I want to think he feels for his wife’s pain but trusts in his daughter’s decisions. I like ol’ Mike.

Catelynn reveals her surprise trip to Tyler as gratitude for being so supportive when she is feeling insecure. She remembers him telling her once how he’d love to try skiing, so she’s arranged a private lesson for them. Tyler is beyond thrilled. Catelynn informs him he needs to pack within five minutes because they are hitting the road. What? Tyler seems dumbfounded and is further surprised that it is an overnight mini-vacation. Awww. I hope this two friends from earlier in the episode are realizing how dumb they were to try to break up my favorite teen couple!

After counseling, Farrah goes to get her braces. Her mother informs her that they make her face look funny that she’s bound to feel self-conscious with them. Oh the mother-daughter dynamic. Farrah’s mother and father discuss the therapy session, and Farrah’s mother’s view of the counselor’s advice is a tad skewed. Michael tries to make her realize what the counselor was actually trying to infer without stepping on his wife’s toes.

Amber’s friend comes over to discuss the following day’s hearing with Child Protective Services. Amber believes her chances of maintaining custody are good, and she looks forward to spending a bonding night with Leah. Her mom brings in Leah and the toddler is thrilled to see Amber’s friend and her son. Then, a calm Leah projectile vomits all over the place. Amber’s friend cleans up the mess while Amber cleans up Leah. Thankfully, the child is not phased by the puke.

Tyler and Catelynn head off on their trip and are suited up to start skiing. The pair quickly gets the hang of it, although the hill they are traversing is maybe at a three degree angle. Tyler is appreciative of her gesture and the two had fun time on the basically flat surface slopes. Aww, Tyler calls Catelynn his soul mate, and I am once again confident these crazy kids are going to make it work.

Ryan comes to pick up Maci and she quizzes him about how the new custody schedule is working out for him. He doesn’t understand what the big deal is if he goes out after Bentley has gone to bed since his parents are there to keep him. Ryan gets pretty defensive asking her to give him specific times that he has gone out while Bentley’s been in his care. Things get tense, and it gets worse when I realize poor Bentley is in the backseat of Ryan’s truck while the couple fights. Ryan speeds off, informing his son that his mom is a b*tch. Keeping it classy, Ryan. Maci relays her conversation with Ryan to Kyle. Ryan calls her cussing, demanding to know who has told her he’s been out on the town. Maci tells him that if the accounts are untrue, it shouldn’t matter. Kyle can’t get over the fact that poor Bentley is in the backseat listening to Ryan call and cuss out his mother. Is it me, or is Kyle always the voice of reason? Maci starts to cry and Kyle is quick to comfort her.

Farrah’s mom tries to talk to her daughter about the counseling session. Her mother is still concerned that Farrah will be stressed and stretched to the limits going to school so far away and still trying to be super-mom to Sophia. It’s not that she doesn’t think Farrah can handle it, her mom just thinks somewhere along the line, Farrah and Sophia will suffer. Farrah expresses she feels like a good mom wouldn’t leave her daughter behind, and her mother assures her that a good mom makes decisions that are in the best interests of their children, even if Farrah may not like how it makes her feel. Could they possibly be having a healthy conversation?

Amber’s ready for her hearing, but she is tired as Leah threw up on her all night. The police escort Amber to court while Gary drops off Leah at the sitter’s house. Amber is worried about what CPS could possibly say about her mothering skills.

Catelynn and Tyler check in to their bed and breakfast, and the lady in charge is a tad creepy. The pair gets comfy, but seriously, I don’t think they should feel too at home knowing that the innkeeper is right outside their door. The couple once again feels the need to have an indepth conversation about the status of their relationship. I mean, I love them to death, but do they ever just talk about mundane everyday things? P.S. That train going right by the bed and breakfast is going to make for a very romantic night.

CPS is still going to be involved, and the hearing regarding the no-contact order won’t be happening for a while. Amber’s friend comes over again, and Amber is complaining of a sore throat. Amber’s friend reveals that she talked to Gary and Leah has strep and a double ear infection. She is a very good friend, I might add, as she stays to bake cupcakes with a clearly contagious Amber. Amber’s lawyer has told her that the CPS investigation won’t end for at least three months. She also says it was very hard to see Gary at that day’s hearing when she wasn’t able to speak with or look at Leah’s dad.

Farrah is considering her mother’s offer to keep Sophia. She calls her half-sister Ashley for advice. Ashley isn’t very helpful, telling Farrah it’s her decision, but she will support her regardless. It sounds like Farrah is really leaning towards her mother’s plan.

Kyle takes Maci out on a dinner date, and Maci teaches her beau which flatware to use for which course. They discuss the next step, and Maci tells Kyle she’d marry him right now if he was willing. Kyle’s a bit freaked, but mainly he doesn’t want Ryan drama to keep affecting their relationship. Maci decides from now on she will only have contact with Ryan’s parents, because trying to communicate with Ryan causes nothing but stress. Cue the emotional, but slightly hopeful and romantic (for a change), music and we see our teen moms in a montage of the happy times from the night’s extra-long episode.

On next week’s season finale (I thought it would never get here!), Tyler and Catelynn truly hope Carly’s adoptive parents will bring her to their graduation, Farrah struggles with her decision as to what is best for Sophia when she goes off to college, Amber isn’t ready to get back together with Gary, and Maci and Kyle butt heads as she tries to avoid Ryan.


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