On last night’s episode of Mob Wives, Renee and Carla made amends after a series of miscommunications left them at odds, Drita took more steps towards divorcing Lee and Ramona got arrested!

Every week I think I am going to be annoyed with Renee. Every single week. And then I love her more and more. I’m starting to feel like I might love Big Ang just as much. I guess I love an over the top broad or something. Too many years spent watching Dynasty reruns in my parent’s basement growing up, perhaps.

The episode begins with the ladies making the rounds to discuss the throwdown between Drita, Karen and Ramona at Renee‘s birthday party. Everyone is blaming everyone else, because really, who wants Renee to be pissed at them? Drita and Big Ang grab a cocktail and discuss Ramona’s bodyguard act. Was anyone else waiting for Whitney Houston to burst out singing “I Will Always Love You”?


Big Ang is surprised at the immaturity of this group (did she not watch last season?) and the petty fighting. She also thinks Karen should have told Ramona to back off. Making a good point, Big Ang brings up that long-time friends Renee and Carla need to make amends. She suggests getting together for happy hour in the city. Drita reluctantly agrees after comparing the prospect to swimming with sharks. A date is made to reunite the fallen besties.

Ramona is still highly incensed over Drita‘s uncontrollable behavior. Ramona isn’t sure if Drita is a farm animal or an animal circus, but whatever kind of animal she is, Ramona is not backing down from a fight. Ok, I have to admit I sort of like Ramona — her mouth just won’t stop, but it spouts off a lot of amusing crap!

Renee is also annoyed with the constant fighting and wants these ladies to know since they cross their legs, enough with the tough guy act. To beg forgiveness for ruining her party, Ramona shows up unannounced to Renee’s abode in the sky. Because she would rather get the gossip than be mad, Renee wants to hear things from Ramona’s perspective. Ramona thinks Drita should just accept that she and Karen were invited because they have known Renee forever and are practically family, and left the drama at home.

Ramona has only been back a few weeks, but all the sudden she is remembering why she left Septic Island — the constant drama and fighting. Ramona explains that people don’t act like this everywhere! Good to know she doesn’t like behaving this way. Drita is not going to use Karen as “human pinata” and warns Drita that if she insists on fighting she should order her tombstone up front.

Renee brings up why she didn’t invite Carla, whom she wants to befriend again.  Ramona is not on board with Drita‘s little butt-buddy because she knows how Carla rolls. Renee issues the orders: someone must stop the fighting, because she is over it.

Meanwhile, Drita and her puppet, Carla, are meeting up to discuss drinks with Big Ang and Renee. Carla is also over the drama with Renee, which she deems “petty bullshit.” Carla informs us she is not a drama queen, but of course, she is willing to get into a sticky argument with Renee again if need be. Something tells me these two will be having sticky arguments forever. Drita really wants Renee and Carla to make up, but wonders if Big Ang knows what a get together entails with this group?

Renee decides she finally needs to figure out how to manage her anger responsibly so she lights up a cig and writes Carla a letter. Maybe all that therapy from last season actually helped her. In the midst of pouring her heart out, one of Renee’s friends calls and cannot believe she is willing to forgive Carla for being such a heartless bitch while she was in the hospital. All of the sudden the old Renee is back and fired up again!

While Renee is fuming, Big Ang is in her technicolor kitchen cooking off a hangover. Apparently, Big Ang and a friend went out and got pretty sauced up the night before after partying with a bunch of “wise guys.” Ang is much more competent than I am when I’m hung over. Big Ang explains the philosophy behind wise guys — they know how to treat a lady, will shower her with gifts and are very good looking. Ang is very excited about the prospect of dating another one very soon. *wink*

Big Ang tells her friend about her intent to get the girls to act like ladies and make up over drinks in the city. While she concedes that Carla should have called Renee after her surgery, she thinks Renee should get over it because she looks great now. In fact, Renee has inspired Big Ang to have another nip tuck of her own. Maybe a face lift… hopefully she’ll meet a wise guy willing to finance that! Big Ang lets us know she has had implants three times. We’ve noticed!

Proving that she is serious about divorcing Lee, Drita has decided to sell her house and her diamonds. A real estate agent comes over to assess the value of her home and gives Drita good news that it has a lot of features buyers would want. I’m guessing built with dirty money doesn’t matter in Staten Island? Drita reveals that she hasn’t told Lee about her intentions to sell the house and apparently Lee has a special room there that Drita has never opened the door to. A little scary…

Drita also hasn’t told her daughters that she has filed for divorce, but when she lets Aliyah know that she is planning to put the house on the market her daughter becomes very emotional. After learning her house is worth something, Drita decides to get her diamonds appraised. Some things she decides to keep, but not her engagement ring which she learns is worth over a $100k! Shizzah! Oh my gosh. At least her heart break was worth something!

In order to escape the drama, Karen and Ramona decide to go out for man hunting and drinks. Ramona hits up the hookah and reveals she never wanted a life as a mafia princess and left town to marry a rich Arab who gave her a fabulous life. After her husband decided to go into business with the mob, she divorced him. Now she is dating a quick sand man, whom she fell into immediately after meeting, and couldn’t be happier. BTW when Ramona was explaining how to to work the hookah to Karen, it sounded an awful lot like something you’d do during sexy times.

Finally, the night of cocktails has arrived. Renee put on her warpaint and brought her brass knuckle clutch just in case, and almost immediately after sitting down launches on Carla. This is the first time these two ladies have seen each other in several months and while Renee was in the hospital she made a hit list so to speak of all the people who did not visit, call or send gifts — Carla is ranking at #1 on that list!

While I was waiting for an over the table scuffle and a few drinks being thrown, the ladies crossed their legs and handled it with class and a calm discussion. Carla reveals no one even told her the severity of Renee’s situation and it hurt her feelings that she didn’t even receive a phone call from someone explaining how sick Renee was. She only learned what happened later from Drita. Renee seems shocked to learn this and decides 27-years of friendship is more important than fighting.

Renee informs Carla that she wrote her a letter, that she would like to give her privately and all is forgotten. It makes me happy. Long-time frienships should not end over reality TV. Proving that bad times are behind them, the ladies cheers, Renee lights a cigarette using Big Ang‘s ample assets as a wind barrier and the ladies laugh and have fun. Yay!

Renee is shopping with her friend, who also happens to be a stylist. Renee is ready to dress her new body in sexier duds because she has a new man in her life! Her ex-husband Junior, who has confessed to being in love with her. Oh no… Renee has been waiting for Junior for 12 years and now that he is headed back to jail in three months they are dating again to figure things out. Renee’s friend warns her against speeding into love and that both of them need to change if they want things to work. Including, Junior keeping it in his pants.

After buying some new sexy clothes, Renee and Junior go on a date because they are getting to know each other again. During the romantic dinner, these two rehash the past and why their previous marriage didn’t work out. BTW: How funny was the engagement ring story? Junior refuses to take accountability for his constant infidelity during their marriage and attempts to blame Renee for being controlling.

Finally, Junior admits he was in the wrong and mistreated Renee during their marriage, which makes Renee cry. After sobbing and arguing over oysters, these two exes decide to go steady again. So much for that changing out the break pads thing!

Renee and Carla get together for the reading of Renee’s letter. After a little discussion the ladies see eye to eye. Buoyant over her new-found problem solving skills, Renee decides all the other ladies need to make up and learn to get along since she is tired of the drama. Carla admits she doesn’t necessarily trust Ramona, particularly after hearing that Ramona has been talking about her all over town. Carla thinks Ramona is trouble… and frankly she is probably right!

Ramona is also apparently in trouble. Karen is pacing around her apartment worried because she has not heard from Karen all day. These two friends regularly text and call multiple times throughout the day. They must have a lot of time on their hands! Ramona finally calls and reveals she has just gotten out of jail!  While she was driving around with her boyfriend they got swarmed by a bunch of undercover cops and arrested for what the hysterical Ramona doesn’t know. Big Trouble, Little Ramona, I suppose.

Next week: Junior moves back in but isn’t following Renee’s rules. We learn why Ramona was arrested. And Carla, Drita, Ramona, and Karen continue to be at odds.


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