I hope you heard me choking with sarcasm as I typed the words “classy”, “Heidi Montag” and “album” together in one post title.

She’s baaack. Heidi Montag cashed in her change jar or traded some crystals to pay for time in the studio and released her second album last week. She “graces” the cover of Dreams Come True with all of her plastic parts hanging out in a slinky pink…um..dress? swimsuit? nighty? I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to be.

Heidi’s new album dropped last week.  No word on whether or not she sold more than 1,000 copies this time around.

In other Speidi news, Spencer Pratt is STILL buying his special crystals.  He shared along with the photo below on Twitter:


“@heidimontag picking out some new crystals with the legendary Rock Lady Michal !”


You know it’s BAD when I’m happy to see some news about these two, rather than another Kardashian story!  I guess we should be happy they aren’t announcing any new reality shows, right?! Phew.

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