The legal battle between Kim Kardashian and insta-ex husband Kris Humphries rages on. In the latest development, Kris’s lawyers asked for more time to pursue evidence that the whole marriage was a publicity stunt. If the pair doesn’t reach a resolution, the case could go to trial, which could bust open the Kardashian facade. Kim’s lawyer Laura Wasser says Kris is extending the case needlessly, saying “I feel that (Humphries’) personal feelings and maybe some media drive is keeping this case alive.”

Kim’s team said in court last week that if the case is decided in her favor, she will demand that Kris pay her legal fees. The lawyers will return to court on August 15.

Clearly having a better marriage is sister Khloe Kardashian, who has had to deal with pregnancy rumors as of late after she and husband Lamar Odom decided to walk away from their reality show Khloe and Lamar. What may put a stop to those rumors is her recent 20 pound weight loss. Her trainer tells Life and Style her method:

“She eats mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, with small amounts of lean proteins like fish and chicken. She trains like an athlete when she’s with us, even doing weight training. We also run the canyons surrounding their house. Plus she does pilates and stair-running on her own.”

Sounds dreadful! Mama Kris Jenner tells the magazine that the couple is “SO happy” now they no longer have a pesky reality show to worry about. A recent photo posted to Twitter shows a slimmer, glowing Khloe:


Even step dad Bruce Jenner has recently made headlines with a confusing appearance on The View. When asked about the family’s new three year deal with E!, Bruce played dumb:

“I didn’t even know it happened. I don’t follow any of that stuff. The girls are into the money thing.Honestly, a couple days ago I was watching the news and then this ticker comes across the screen saying, ‘Kardashians sign a new deal’ and I was like ‘We did? That’s kind of nice.'”

Bruce probably would have found when he realized his allowance from Kris went up by .25 cents. Despite his claims that he wears the pants in the family, it’s clear that Mama Jenner calls the shots. He says, “And then later that day I get yelled at because I spent $300 on a credit card.” That $300 could pay off another pap photographer to follow Kim and Kanye West around! Of that relationship, Bruce also he didn’t know. “I’ve never met him – I haven’t seen him at the house. I don’t know. I just want Kim to be happy. I hope she finds someone to be happy.”

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