Teresa Giudice may have been fired on last Sunday’s Celebrity Apprentice, but the reality star will be back she assures us. Teresa will be returning to help the final three with their finale challenges.

Teresa confirmed the news in her most recent Bravo Blog, but RadarOnline is also confirming that the reality mogul will be returning to the show. And apparently the Trumps continue to be impressed with Teresa’s business sense, despite the public debacles in her personal life.

“People underestimated Teresa, she is a lot smarter than people realize and she has always used that to her advantage,” Teresa an insider shares. “Teresa has a college degree and was a successful business woman before joining Housewives, she knows exactly what she is doing.”

“There is a reason why Teresa is the only Housewife on the New Jersey franchise with a brand that spans multiple product categories and there is a reason Mr. Trump selected her for Celebrity Apprentice, she is very smart,” the source adds.

Teresa, herself, calls the show a “great experience” – unlike that other reality show she’s on! “Mr. Trump has really helped me take my business to the next level,” she adds. And Teresa insists she gets along well with all her castmates. Unlike that other reality show she’s on. “We really didn’t take anything personally. Debbie [Gibson] and I keep in touch and we are doing great,” Teresa shares. “Lisa [Lampanelli] and I have also forged a friendship, we all became very close on this show.”


“I personally am not a fan of holding on to the drama of the past, I like to start fresh and look to the future, life is too short for drama,” she adds. As for differences between Teresa on Real Housewives of New Jersey and the Teresa on Celebrity Apprentice, Teresa credits time for her change in attitude.

“It is hard for me to keep up with the Housewives drama. We filmed Housewives last year so what you are seeing and a lot of what you are reading is indicative of the past and in the present I am focused on Celebrity Apprentice,” she explains. “I filmed Celebrity Apprentice after Housewives so quite a bit of time has passed since then and we are all in a much better place now.”

But alas, even though the drama on RHONJ happened months ago, it is still all too real for Teresa and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. In her Bravo blog, Teresa starts out by comparing the first seasons of Housewives with the current ones and she claims people are hoping to “cash in” on the show, which is why they want to join the cast.

“None of us went on the first seasons of Housewives thinking we could turn it into anything. Now people beg to get on so they can cash in,” Teresa says in her blog. “And they do it without caring who they hurt, even family. They do things on purpose just to stir up drama. I am very thankful for the great things that came out of being a Housewife, but of course, I’d trade it all because sometimes the negatives — like friendships falling apart and families broken up — aren’t worth it.”

And Teresa admits the family drama has taken a toll on her. “I don’t like watching myself from a year ago on Housewives, because I did let some of the drama get to me. It’s hard not to when it seems like everyone around you is doing their best to pick on you, bait you, and try and make you look bad.”

“You know me — I react but I don’t set out to act out. I don’t plot or try and pretend I’m something I’m not. My family and friends know it too, and they seem to be having a great time trying to get me to ‘react,'” Teresa claims, although she admits she definitely plays into it too, because she’s not “perfect.”

“The one thing I can’t always be open about though is open legal cases. Not because I’m trying to hide anything, but because that’s what your lawyers tell you — don’t talk about open legal cases, because it could be twisted against you. It’s common sense,” she continues. “What’s crazy to me though, is that my family and friends know this because of their own legal issues, yet keep bringing up mine anyway, even though I ask them not to privately and on camera.”

“Every single person on the cast has had ugly legal issues and accusations against them. I would never sit around on camera and make casual guesses as to whose husband really did what to ‘allegedly’ break the law or ‘supposedly’ steal money from someone or ‘maybe’ have defrauded this or that… “

“It’s not just morally wrong, it could hurt their case. Why would you do that to someone you care about? Especially when you’re in the same boat yourself? It makes no sense to me. And yes, that’s why I walk away when people keep bringing it up over and over to me.” She has a point there…

As for this week’s drama, Teresa says what started as a private conversation which happened “months” before filming was reignited on camera to create drama. “I care about Joey [Gorga] and try and look out for him, and he does the same for me. This one tiny little conversation though happened MONTHS before we started filming. I only wanted Joey to hear me — not his wife, not my friends, not all of America,” Teresa insists.

“If I ever thought for one second that he would tell everyone we knew and bring it up on national TV out of the blue, months later, believe me, I never would have said it. If I was out to hurt him or his marriage, I wouldn’t have talked to him, and only him, in private.”

Teresa admits the argument between she and Melissa was “ugly” but feels they kept things somewhat in check by not name-calling or getting physical. And she reiterates: “I never wanted this conversation with my brother to be public, and tried to keep shutting it down, and even though Melissa wanted it to be public, and I was heated, I kept the details of the ugly rumors private.”

“Why would I want any of that out there about anyone I love? Why would she? I have too much respect for Melissa and my brother to go there. Like I said last week, I am choosing to believe they aren’t true, and I really want my brother’s marriage to last.”

Teresa also says her frustration with Jacqueline Laurita stemmed from her getting involved in what Teresa believed was a private matter. “So what do Caroline [Manzo] and Jacqueline have to do with my private conversation with my brother? The answer should be nothing. It’s sad that Melissa put them in the middle by bringing up a months-old conversation.”

“But hearing it, I would think they would be the perfect people to help sister-in-laws get through issues since they had some serious ones of their own that they worked through,” Teresa adds. “How does it help us for Caroline to tell Melissa — who she’s only known for a few months at this point — that I’m trying to break up her marriage?”

Finally, it would appear that the Gorgas are looking to up (or down) grade! Both their primary residence near Franklin Lakes and their shore house (now fully remodeled) are currently listed for sale! Maybe they are relocating to another Housewives franchise? Melissa was in LA recently…  Or maybe they are tired of being neighbors with Teresa!

Lord knows with all their family drama, I’d wanna get away too! Who knows, but if you want to buy Melissa and Joe’s marble mcmansion it can be yours – for around $3.8M!

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