We’re down to the semi-finals on Dancing with the Stars this week. Just four couples remain: Derek Hough & Maria Menounos, William Levy & Cheryl Burke, Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd, and Mark Ballas & Katherine Jenkins.

As the couples make their way down the stairs, it looked like Derek almost slipped. Is it wrong to admit that it would’ve been the most exciting thing to happen all season? Although, there’s that whole rumored sex tape of William’s.

William and Cheryl are up first with a tango set to Sweet Dreams. I secretly wish they would’ve used Marilyn Manson’s version to shake things up. I’m sure it wouldn’t make for a good tango, but still would’ve been entertaining. Len says he hasn’t been this excited since his mum put him in long trousers. Bruno nearly jumps over the judge’s table giving his feedback, as he always does. Carrie Ann says that their lines were gorgeous, but gives criticism and the audience boos.


Katherine and Mark are in matching pink and doing a quick step to the Dirty Boogie. Katherine’s flapper style suits her well, no? At the judging, we listen to some dirty banter over the cage Katherine was in at the start of the routine. Bruno says it was picture perfect. Carrie Ann says they brought their A+ game.

Donald and Peta are a class act dancing the waltz in all white. Carrie Ann was caught up in the emotion of the dance, but Peta looks peeved as Carrie Ann cuts down a few missteps in their footing. Len thought it was charming and calls Donald “buff, tough, cream puff”. You know that nickname is going to follow him back to the Green Bay locker room.

Derek and Maria dance a perfect Argentine tango. These two have chemistry together, but I get so irritated by Maria turning on the tears all the time. I want to believe that she’s truly just overwhelmed, but for some reason I don’t.

Next up, the couples dance again.

We learn a bit more about the backgrounds of each contest ahead of their dances. First up is William, who was born very poor and he says he’s grateful for that because it has made him a hard worker. Cheryl and William choose a samba for their second act. Len says he’s never looked at a man’s bum so much in his life. The judges loved it.

Katherine and Mark come out with a bellydance Salsa to the most unfitting music selection. For me, this entire thing was a mess. Katherine’s frizzy hair, the music, the dance. It was disjointed and lacked any sort of rhythm. Katherine is just too classy to pull this off. Katherine slips right at the end and is devastated by it, apologizing to Mark over and over. She seems to be in a lot of pain, but wants them to carry on and not talk about it. The judges disagree with me and loved the performance.

Donald Driver shares his troubled childhood – including living under a bridge at one point. His mom had to send them to live with their grandparents. Donald admits he got into selling drugs, but that he finally found something positive to focus on – sports. He says he gave up his bad ways when he met his wife. Donald’s wife tells us their first date was at McDonald’s and now we love him even more. On to the dance… Donald and Peta choose a samba to Mr. Big Stuff. It’s sassy and perfect and the judges agree. If these two don’t win, I will demand a recount of the votes.

Maria’s childhood flashback talks about her parents’ struggle to give them a good life and she believes it has helped her become a hard worker. She has always been determined to make it big. Maria and Derek do a jive that is fun and flirty and was perfect, again. Carrie declares Maria should be the winner of the night. Len says it wasn’t a traditional jive, but it felt great and he liked it.

Semi-Final Scores:

William & Cheryl – 28 & 30

Donald & Peta – 28 & 29

Katherine & Mark – 29 & 27

Maria & Derek -30 & 29

Three more episodes to go!


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