It looks like there is a new small in the ATL!  Straight From the A is reporting that Nicole Porche will be the newest cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Apparently, she’s been filming around town!

The site says the new addition is a 5’1 actress (think commercials, local independent films, and Sheree Whitfield) from New Orleans, Louisiana.  She graduated from Southern University and she’s 41-years-old.  According to Straight From the A, Nicole has been married and divorced a few times, but it’s unsure whether she is currently married or has any children…not that being a housewife is criteria to be on the housewives franchise.  While Bravo hasn’t confirmed the Nicole as part of the cast, A’s sources are claiming that Nicole was filming on location and introduced herself as “the newest housewife.”


It seems that Bravo is working hard to fill the void left by Sheree, and the limited filming a pregnant Kim Zolciak is sure to create.  Of course, Kim may need to be filming up a storm in order to keep a roof over her head.  There is a LOT of drama surrounding Kim’s home of late!

You recall that Kim told Andy Cohen on the reunion that she was in the process of buying the home she and Kroy rent from Kendra and Antonio Davis.  You may also remember that on the most recent Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, Kendra’s husband Antonio was causing a ruckus pre-wedding because Kim hadn’t paid the bill for Kendra’s interior decorating work.  Well, Tamra Tattles did some snooping, and as of Friday, the property records still show the house in Kendra’s name.  I am not good with timelines, but I think the reunion where Kim claimed to purchasing Kendra’s house was filmed before this past Friday.  😉

Furthermore, Kendra’s twitter has been blowing up about the situation.  She is quick to say that Kim and Kroy were never in negotiations to buy her home.  In fact, thanks to an anonymous commenter on Tamra Tattles, Antonio didn’t show up at the house to collect Kim’s debt.  They were legitimately concerned about the construction being done in their backyard, and Antonio wanted to make sure that their property wasn’t being destroyed.  The commenter goes on to say that Kendra and Antonio had no idea that the wedding would be held at their home until they received the invitation.  Not surprising at all, knowing Kim.  Apparently, Kendra had no problem decorating the home to Kim’s liking or having Bravo film the Biermann family in the house because it would be good marketing to other potential home buyers who could actually afford it.  Ouch!

Tamra Tattles has been eagle-eyed about this housing debacle.  She has learned that the Biermanns are month-to-month tenants as their lease was up on May 31st.  Also, she explains that the bill for redecorating was so high because Kendra purchased all the furniture with the expectation that Kim would reimburse her.  Kendra is threatening to evict the couple and has given them 48 hours to get out of her house.  Georgia, however, is a tenant-friendly state, so it’s unlikely that Kim will have to be out this week.  However, she and Kroy had better start packing their boxes!


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