I’m guessing the newcomers on Real Housewives of New York didn’t realize they would be jumping back into last season!  With Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, and Alex McCord out of the picture, it seems like the Count(l)ess LuAnn and Pinot Singer are vying to see who will be the biggest, baddest housewife in all the Upper East Side land.  The claws are out, which isn’t surprising given this pair.

On the season premiere, Countless told her new co-stars of Ramoana’s threat regarding her children.  The maven of manners also demanded an apology for last season’s drama during a party.  I find her public admonishment of ol’ Crazy Eyes a tad hypocritical, given there is, according to LuAnn, a time and a place for everything.  For example, you don’t talk about losing a parent over drinks with friends.  It’s poor form.  However, making others uncomfortable at a party is completely acceptable behavior.  In her Bravo blog, she explains it all…and with words we serfs can understand.


Heather [Thomson] is smart, ambitious, and talented, although she got a little heavy in this episode. It’s not that I didn’t care that her father just died, but the place to share that is not during cocktails when the conversation is supposed to be light. I certainly didn’t want to think about how much I miss my father when I’m out socializing and trying to have a good time.

As for Ramona, the LuAnn says:

I decided to pull Ramona aside at Sonja [Morgan]’s party because I wanted to clear the air with her for questioning my commitment to my kids and for criticizing the choices I’ve made about where to live and work. My kids are my number one priority, and I’ve managed to balance being a mom with my career. Ramona’s defensive reaction didn’t shock me at all. I was prepared for her to deny any wrongdoing, but I thought it was better to try regardless of how much she protested her innocence.

LuAnn also believes that if they are ever to forge a sincere friendship, Ramona is going to have to keep her mea culpas coming.  Don’t hold your breath there, LuAnn.  Passing out isn’t becoming!  My question is, why does she want to be friends with Turtle Time anyway?  They don’t like one another and can’t get along.  There is clearly no clause in their Bravo contract that states they must be cordial…if anything, I think there has to be subsection of Paragraph 2biii that says the exact opposite!  LuAnn continues:

I felt I needed to share Ramona’s threat with the other girls so they would know to watch out when dealing with her. She doesn’t respect boundaries and is willing to use my children as a weapon to hurt me. I’ve never met anyone as vicious as Ramona. Now, Ramona has a lot more to apologize to me for if we are ever to be friends.

As for Ramona, she doesn’t seem phased by anything the Countess says (must be all the vino).  She addresses her side of the situation in her own blog, stating, rather eloquently in teen speak, I might add:

OMG — what’s up with LuAnn? I thought we were so over this last year. Yes, children are off limits. Why LuAnn would fabricate that I threatened her is beyond me. As far as an apology, I gave one last year, after we filmed the reunion and in the press. How many times more do I need to? LuAnn is LuAnn and she tends to forget how passive aggressive she has been with me in the past. More importantly, why would LuAnn share this at lunch with women we all just recently met?

It looks like things are just heating up for the women of RHONY.  Off topic, but can I just say how much I love Carole Radziwill?  On tonight’s episode, Heather and her husband dine with Aviva Drescher and her hubs.  The foursome gets along swimmingly, as both ladies are taken aback by how much these veteran housewives love to fight.  Ramona and LuAnn meet in the park to discuss their issues, aka Ramona calling LuAnn a bad mom.  It goes really, really well, just let me tell you.  There are a lot of accusations about being condescending and apologies are dismissed.  LuAnn calls out Ramona for her blackmail and threats, while Ramona once again reminds LuAnn that she’s never around for her kids and spends her time falling off of tables.  LuAnn takes the cake by asking Ramona what other lies she can pull out of her Pinot soaked a$$.  Burn!

A new episode airs tonight at 9ET on Bravo.  Watch a preview clip below!


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