Unless you’ve been living  under a rock, you know that there has been a lot of back and forth about Kim and Kroy’s living situation, which all came to a screeching halt when Kendra Davis, homeowner and landlord of Kim’s Barbie dream house, kicked the family to the curb.  Where to Zolciak-Biermanns?  To Big Poppa’s condo it is!  Tamara Tattles has some very insightful notions as to why Kim and Co. moved back into her Atlanta townhouse, not the least of which being it seemed the only viable option.  She also has some interesting (and quite probable!) views on why Kendra finally said enough is enough!

Tamara also enlightens viewers about some of the wedding hullabaloo.  What I found most interesting is that, in previews, Brielle informs her mother that there are helicopters flying over the property.  My first thought?  Paparazzi.  My second thought?  This isn’t Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding.  Why is the paparazzi going to such extremes to snap a picture of a Bravolebrity couple?  According to her blog, those helicopters don’t belong to invasive tabloid photographers, but Bravo cameras which are shooting all the aerial scenes for the wedding.  Oh Kim, you had me fooled!


In other, “Oh no she didn’t” wedding news, on tonight’s two hour finale of Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, Kim’s mama is bringing the drama!  Not only does Kim have to worry about the helicopters circling her the house, Kim’s stylist’s assistant forgot to exchange Kim’s mom’s shoes for the correct size.  Kim’s mom takes it upon herself to shop for some wedding shoes in Kim’s closet.  Kim is cussing up a storm (no shocker there), but her make-up minions wonder why she is so surprised.  Hasn’t her mother been trying to hijack her special day since the beginning?  Meanwhile, poor K.J. is having his shoes stuffed in some very uncomfortable looking Gucci kicks.

Kim shouldn’t be so concerned with her mother’s high heeled hijinks, as things really start to go down hill at the reception.  Kim’s aunt needs to relieve herself, and there is no way on God’s green Earth that she flew all the way from New York to go in some jazzed up porta-potty.  Kim’s father is no help, as he’s too busy distracted by all the hotties under the tent.  Black, white, whatever!  He’s never seen so many beautiful women in one place.  Kim’s mother takes it upon herself to get her sister into a real bathroom, and she goes head to head with security to be allowed in the house.  Screaming ensues, and the camera man can’t even catch all the action.  Kim’s mom threatens to “bring down the house” but after a rousing game of “operator” Kim learns that her mother is going to burn down her home.  The nerve!  Kim’s mom and aunt are yelling, and Kroy comes to the rescue, informing them that no one, not even his family, is allowed to enter the house.  Kindly wipe your bum with the one-ply you’ll find housed in the $5,000 porta-potty athankyouverymuch!

The two hour finale airs tonight at 9ET on Bravo.  Watch a preview clip below.


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