Tamra Barney is getting hitched, y’all!  The Real Housewives of Orange County star is engaged to longtime beau Eddie Judge, but don’t expect to hear about them walking down the aisle any time soon.

Tamra tells HollywoodLife.com, “Honestly we’re talking about February.  We have a lot going on, a destination wedding maybe in Italy?”

She adds, “We are just taking it slow.  We just combined our families together back in February, so it’s a whole process. I said I’d get married when the kids are ready.”


Tamra has three children with her ex-husband Simon Barney.  Her two daughters, Sidney and Sophia are 14 and 6, respectively, and son Spencer is 12.  She wants to make sure that her kids have plenty of time to adjust to their new family situation.

“Divorce is never easy and it takes a long time for the kids to adjust,” Tamra admits. “I don’t know if the kids will ever be completely ready. They still in their minds hope and dream their parents will be together. So we are just taking it slow one day at a time. It’ll happen when it happens.”

As the kids get more used to the idea of the wedding, Tamra says she’s excited for them to be part of the big day.  As for the ceremony, Tamra reveals, “Sidney has a lot to say about the dress, my six-year-old definitely wants to be a flower girl and my 12-year-old son could care less.”

So while we all anticipate the big day, I think Tamra is probably thanking her lucky stars that the lawsuit in which she was just involved didn’t have her paying out more than it did.  That’s right, folks.  Tammy got sued!

According to the June 29th print version of The Carmel Pine Cone (yes, you read that correctly), Tamra recently had to fork over $3,110 to Carmel Valley ghost writer Heather Hummel.  Tamra apparently hired Heather to ghostwrite a book about Tamra’s life (because don’t we all want to read that?), but didn’t comply with the contract terms.  Heather claims that Tamra didn’t provide photos, direction for the final chapters, or the forward, as agreed upon in the contract.  She also alleges that Tamra requested major changes to the book after it had already missed its deadline to be submitted to the publisher.  So, Tamra does things on her own time?  Color me shocked!

Heather said she put in over 200 hours of work on the book, and she and Tamra exchanged over 800 phone calls, e-mails, and texts during the writing process.  After a thirty minute trial, the judge awarded Heather her $3,110, although she was asking for $10,000 in damages.

In court, Tamra’s attorney argued that venue was improper, given that Tamra lives in Orange County and the suit was filed in Carmel.  The judge didn’t buy this argument, nor did he award Tamra any of the $1,600 for which she was counter-suing for attorney’s fees, travel expenses to Carmel, and child care costs.  In one court document Tamra wrote, “My children are in school in Orange County.  I am a single mother of three, and I have no other person to care for them to make the trip to Monterrey.”

Um?  Technically, she’s a mother of four, although I am sure Ryan isn’t crying his eyes out for being overlooked in this case.  I’m curious though…who watches her kids when she’s filming, or off tossing drinks in people’s faces, or making out with Eddie, or trying to force actual tears out of her dried up ducts?


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