Plastic surgery, big dinners out, expensive taste, (and bail!?) have all contributed to ‘Teen Mom‘ star Jenelle Evans‘ currently empty bank account, according to reports.

In the new print edition of Reality Weekly magazine, it’s revealed that the troubled reality star has burned through her $75,000 MTV paycheck and is flat broke – and bouncing payments –  until the next big check rolls in.



Jenelle, who receives her MTV check in one lump sum, has been on a spending spree that includes splashing out a reported $5,000 on breast augmentation, $300 on a jacket for her son, expensive dinners out with Gary Head – for which she picks up the tab, and more!

Reportedly the reality starlet can’t even afford her monthly tanning bill at Timeless Tan.  A source tells the magazine that after Jenelle’s card was declined (for the third time in 3 months), she complained, “I don’t get paid enough for this”.  The source says that Jenelle was irate when she found out she was being charged $25 each time it was declined. Also contributing to her big monthly charge at the tanning salon is the fact that she’s also paying for her roommate’s tanning bill, too.

Another source says that Jenelle has a shopping problem. “The minute she came into a little money, she started spending more than she makes. She shops for herself, for her boyfriend, for her son, Jace.”

The insider also claims that Jenelle went overboard shopping for new clothes and undergarments after her breast implant surgery.  “She went crazy shopping after her boob job.  She bought new bras from Victoria’s Secret and at least 20 new tight tops to show off her new chest – ribbed tank tops, deep V-neck shirts, you name it.  Of course, she needed new bikinis, too.”

It seems that Jenelle’s generous ways don’t extend to tipping her waiters and waitresses.  A disgruntled employee at Riverboat Landing Restaurant tells the magazine that Jenelle once left only $1 on a $40 bill and has also been known to not leave any tip at all.  “She is trash and an embarrassment to Wilmington”, the employee rants.

Sounds like Jenelle needs a good Suze Orman seminar.

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