Cheyenne Floyd

Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Floyd Reveals She And Her Family Were Shot At 13 Times While Driving

Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Floyd has revealed in MTV’s newest spin-off Teen Mom: The Next Chapter that she and her family were shot at 13 times while driving.

Cheyenne, who joined the cast of Teen Mom OG in its seventh season is no stranger to the camera. She appeared on Are You the One and The Challenge before appearing on the Teen Mom franchise. In the season premiere episode, she said that she and her fiancé, Zach Davis, were in the car together with her daughter, who she shares with fellow MTV star, Cory Wharton, and her 1-year-old son when they saw a man they both knew holding a gun.

On the show, Zach said they both knew the man — “He’s been here at Chy’s house. There are pictures with him,” he said. “All of a sudden you start hearing shots. He hit the car 13 times, and we crashed into the back of a Prius. It was the worst feeling in the world.” Cheyenne described their survival from the incident as a “miracle” adding, “God literally covered us that day because every cop who was there said they don’t understand how we are all alive.”

The occurrence must have been so traumatic that Cheyenne said she “had to pinch” herself to be certain she “was alive.” The episode also showed the couple heading to court, however, the case had been delayed. When speaking with her mother, Cheyenne said, “At what point is this going to be over? We are stuck in a constant replay of the worst day of your life. Everything is just a trigger. Everything is a reminder.”

I have so much respect for Cheyenne and her family for allowing the viewers to have an inside look at this terrible situation. I can’t imagine how this feels for them. The reality star also shared, “I feel like he didn’t kill us, but he took so much from us. I don’t get why we have to go through that. I don’t get why the kids have to go through that.”

Cheyenne’s fans have continued to offer support and love to her and her family. She tweeted during the episode, “We have had the hardest year but we are alive and extremely blessed. Thank you to our friends and family who have been going through this hell with us. We got this [heart emoji].”


[Photo Credit: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images]