The tempestuous battle between Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita is raging on and on with the ladies using their Bravo blogs as burn books. Two weeks ago, following an episode where the two had an explosive argument, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star lambasted Teresa for speaking out about her ex-husband Matt Holmes‘ legal issues.

Matt and his wife Jody were arrested on suspicion of arson, insurance fraud, and money laundering and are subject to an FBI investigation. Here’s what Jacqueline had to say on the matter:

“Right after Teresa and I started fighting, the story about my ex-husband suspiciously leaked all over the press. It was an unfortunate situation because, in the end, after my ex passed a few lie detector tests, the FBI dropped the investigation against him. What had originally led to his arrest had been lies started by a fired, disgruntled ex-employee/nanny of his who they found out has a history of being corrupt, including having lived under nine different aliases.”

“My ex-husband, Matt Holmes, and his wife, Jody, are INNOCENT! Teresa knew the deal (contrary to how she made it sound), yet when the heat was on her, she conveniently tried to put the heat on someone else. Deflection and projection are her specialty. This is what she does. She has a history of blaming others for the exact thing that SHE is guilty of doing.”


Well, not so fast Jacqueline! It seems the investigation against Ashlee Holmes‘ father Matt and Jody is still ONGOING!

The Weatherford Democrat is reporting that the couple is currently out on bond as the district attorney pursues charges! Investigator Ken Dabbs with the Parker County Fire Marshal’s Office noted that although no federal charges have been officially filed against the Holmes as of this week, the investigation is not over.

Additionally whether or not the FBI clears the couple, The Parker County Fire Marshal and Police Department has not. The case went to the Parker County district attorney’s office for prosecution in March and charges are still pending. The case has not been presented to a grand jury yet, according to Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain.

And, as of Thursday, the FBI has refused to confirm or deny the status of the case – which doesn’t look good as investigators are not permitted to comment on pending investigations.

The couple is accused of starting a fire in their home to collect on an $429,000 insurance payment.

Fire investigators determined that the fire was set intentionally “after finding no electrical shorts or other reasonable cause, was contacted on May 20, 2011, by an insurance representative, who had received a tip that Holmes was involved in the fire.”

Oh, yeah – that nanny that Jacqueline calls a “disgruntled employee,” well investigators see otherwise. Mr. Dabbs called her a “credible witness.”

The nanny corroborated the investigators’ findings and claimed Matt told her she was going to receive $5,000 from the insurance settlement for her silence.

Matt reportedly used kerosene and gasoline to start the fire in three rooms of the home and said that “the local fire marshal was dumb because he thought the propane (in the house) is what started the fire,” according to the affidavit.

Allegedly this was the second attempt to burn down the home, the first being unsuccessful.

Jody is accused of knowing about the arson and using proceeds from the insurance settlement to get plastic surgery and purchase a $40,000 diamond ring.

So, either Matt is lying to Jacqueline OR Jacqueline doesn’t want the truth to come out about her ex-husbnad! Drama, drama.

Moving on, Dina Manzo recently appeared in a segment of HGTV’s Celebrities At Home. Dina let viewers get up close and personal with a tour of her “lady cave,” aka her closet. Mrs. Manzo, the younger, has quite the shoe collection. Color me jealous!

Dina claims she knows all the items in her closet – and can find anything. Her closet boasts a flatscreen TV and a dressing room. A video of Dina’s closet tour is below!

Celebrities at Home airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV.

Finally, tonight is an all-new episode of RHONJ and the drama continues, as always! Awkwardness ensues between Jacqueline and Teresa at Antonia’s birthday party. Kathy meets Rosie’s new crush and Albie thinks about introducing his new girlfriend to his mother. Oh lawd.

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs tonight at 10/9c on Bravo. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode, so don’t forget to join us for the funnies!


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