Real Housewives of New York is having trouble getting off the ground despite the up and running feud between Pinot Singer, resident crazy, and Heather Thomson, newbie championship fighter.

Didn’t anyone ever tell Heather you can’t reason with crazy?

On last week’s episode, Aviva Drescher‘s husband Reid – sarcastically, according to Aviva’s twitter – suggested Heather may be “jealous” of Ramona‘s success following her disastrous speaking engagement at the Learning Annex. Well, Ramona definitely didn’t agree with that. Oh, no – Heather isn’t jealous, she’s just insecure.


In the second Housewives “insecure” feud on record, Ramona explains that she definitely thinks Heather fits the bill and she’s not afraid to say it.

Heather‘s a successful business woman mother and wife. I don’t believe Reid was correct when he said he thought Heather was jealous of me. I think perhaps she may be insecure,” Ramona insisted in her Bravo Blog. “There are many people in this world who are the beautiful, rich, smart and/or successful — but they are insecure.”

Ramona, being too delusional and pinot-soaked to be insecure, surely ins’t one of them.

Well, Heather does not appreciate Ramona referring to her as insecure – especially when she’s not. Taking to her own Bravo Blog, Heather rebuts that assertion and explains that Ramona still doesn’t get, well, anything!

“What bothers me is the new tone she is taking about our inability to communicate. One thing I’m NOT is insecure. If that is what she thinks then she and I are probably never going to get to a happy place,” Heather fumes.

“Ever since we went off the tracks, I have always chalked it up to the fact that we just don’t jive. . . we misfire when trying to connect. I have admitted that I talk a lot, but my smile is sincere. It is time for Ramona to focus her energy on something besides me. Relax, girl. . .”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. For someone who is always doped up on pinot, Ramona certainly is wound very tight!

Finally, tonight is an all new episode of Real Housewives of New York. The cool girls remain in London where a dose of Royal Wars 2012 is enacted. And once everyone returns stateside the drama continues when Aviva throws a party that is not without a few kinks. Hopefully the catering went well!

Real Housewives of New York airs tonight at 9/8c on Bravo. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the Pinot-perience, so grab a glass and join us. Speak no evil, have no fun!



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