It was vacation time on last night’s Big Ang.  For Ang, that means packing up her custom made bikinis and heading to Florida to party with her friends and “spend all the money.”

Ang invites Lil Jen and Linda over for breakfast and mimosas to plan their big to-do.  Ang reveals that it’s tradition to get drunk the day before vacation so the plane ride won’t be as bad…don’t worry, they plan to get drunk on the plane as well.  Later (but hopefully filmed earlier), Big Ang goes to get filler put in her face so she’ll be looking over the top for her trip to Florida.  She isn’t thrilled when her dermatologist reminds her to be careful in the sun, and she’s also disappointed that she can’t come to get filler more frequently.  Ang says she likes her plastic surgery regardless of whether she can afford it.


Big Ang has her bikini designer come over to measure her for some custom suits.  We are treated to a fashion of Big Ang in teeny bikinis.  Holy cow…her bust is 45 inches around!

The ladies arrive in Fort Lauderdale.  Ang is sporting leather shorts, natch.  Because she’s such a big spender at the beach front hotel, the women are upgraded to the penthouse.  As Lil Jen notes, Linda is humping everything in the place.  It’s quite an amazing suite though.  A knock at the door introduces us to Anthony, a guy who is going to invite all of his hot friends to party with the women.  Ang gifts the women with pink flasks, and they are ready for the vacay to begin!

The women are enjoying mimosas on the beach, and Ang decides she’s going to find an ocean front condo to buy if it kills her.  She also reveals to Linda that she’s planned her annual cocktail party for the evening, complete with a deejay and tons of liquor.  When Linda hears the magic word “Patron” she’s totally on board.  Later Ang is prepping the penthouse for the big event.  Ang’s husband Neil arrives, and she hopes he’ll have the sense to stay out of her way while she’s partying.  Lil Jen is all over Neil.  Ang thinks if Jen’s is finding Neil attractive she must be desperate!

The party is all sorts of out of control.  Linda’s dancing is way out of control.  Way.  It’s almost pornographic.  Jen is a close second in the gross department.  They weren’t kidding about Patron.  The following day, the hungover crew heads to the pool.  We learn that Jen hasn’t had sex in six years.  Anthony has someone in mind for Jen…sweet mustache.  The crowd toasts to Jen getting lucky.

It’s time to shop for condos with Ang.  It isn’t going as well as she’d hoped.  However, she strikes gold when she finds one with an ocean view, and she’s determined to buy it no matter what.  Over dinner with her friends, Ang’s sister Janine calls to burst her bubble.  Janine handles Ang’s finances, and she’s got a bunch of bills that Ang has racked up for furniture.  Ang doesn’t care, she has a plan.  It’s time to hit the casinos!  What is Ang wearing?  Unfortunately for Ang, she doesn’t win big…or at all.

No worries!  The women head out on a yacht the following day.  I have no words for Ang’s catsuit.  Ang explains to her friend Sandy how disappointed she is about not being able to get a condo on this trip.  Sandy recommends that she tone down her spending for a few months and then reevaluate.  She has no doubt that Ang will get her condo soon.  Ang considers taking her friend’s advice.  Sandy is, after all, a college graduate.  However, Ang calls her shipmates together to make an announcement…she’s buying the condo!

Next week, Louis gets fixed and Big Ang charters a party bus to Atlantic City with son A.J. in tow.  She wants him to move home with her…he doesn’t, and he gets arrested.



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