If there’s one thing that’s comforting about Pinot Singer, it’s that she just doesn’t ever get it – or learn from her gaffes. Following an episode of Real Housewives of New York that showcased her wackitude self-centeredness and social faux pas; Ramona has taken to her Bravo blog to defend the indefensible. Oh brother…

First of all Ramona claims she was only protecting castmate Aviva Drescher by demanding she stop having fun and immediately come inside for dinner. Who else had memories of their mother shouting, “You’ll get pruney!”?

Revealing Aviva asked for her help, Ramona states: “Aviva was freaking out to me saying she forgot her swimming leg she didn’t know what she was going to do. She was in a major panic. She was worried how it would look if everyone went in the pool but her.”

“I of course being protective said, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t get into the pool, I won’t take off my cover up. I’ll just stay on the edge so you won’t stand out by not going in,'” Ramona insists.


And defending her behavior at dinner when she demanded Aviva stop speaking about her ex-husband Harry Dubin, Ramona, again, insists she was only being protective.

Harry Dubin is a good friend of mine, and I find it really inappropriate to talk about him behind his back when he’s not there to defend himself,” Ramona clarifies. “They share a child together, and I found this disrespectful to the child as well.”

As for why she started ordering the caterers around – she blames Aviva’s father. “I was so shocked that he would speak and act this way with mixed company. It made everyone uncomfortable,” Ramona asserts.

“I thought the best way to handle this was to make sure the dinner ended as quickly as possible. This is why I went into the kitchen and said to bring the main course.” A likely story pinot-brain.

“This is contrary to the way I normally would handle a situation like that,” Ramona concludes. I don’t agree and I think four prior seasons of RHONY may just back me up!

Moving onto another situation about rudeness and presumptions, Carole Radziwill is speaking out in her Bravo blog about her “friend jumping” incident with LuAnn de Lesseps.

Clarifying why she felt appalled by LuAnn’s dress borrowing request, Carole explains: “Behind her tinted Jackie Os, I can sometimes see LuAnn‘s point of view. The problem is, I don’t wear Jackie Os, it’s strictly aviators for me. This makes it a challenge to follow her logic.”

“Movie stars and international high-profile women do often borrow or are offered garments from high-end clothing designers. It’s a common practice that benefits everyone. The women get to look beautiful, the designers get to see their work on a fabulous showcase, and the clothes get press attention in fashion magazines. LuAnn, though, is not any of the above nor is she sitting for Vogue.”  Yikes – and true.

“These are very dear and close friends, more like family. I simply thought it bad manners that after setting up an introduction and asking the Khans to take the time, that under the guise of browsing Ranjana’s jewelry, LuAnn asked Naeem for a dress. It put him in an unexpected and uncomfortable position.”

“I don’t put my friends in those positions, nor do they do it to me. If LuAnn had asked me first, I would have considered asking Naeem for the favor for her. I hope that was the point that came across, because I do not want to one day find myself chasing LuAnn around an anniversary party with glasses of wine.”

Carole also has a little advice for Pinotkins in response to her comments at Ranjana’s Miami home. “Bunny, sweetness, stick to Pinot,” Carole counsels. “Ramona on real estate is like Donald Trump going on about toaster ovens. Who cares what he thinks?”  I guess Carole won’t be joining Celebrity Apprentice anytime soon!

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