Joan Rivers is brash, outrageous, and really really wacky. In the latest scheme from the gracefully aged star of Joan and Melissa, Joan decided to stage a little shop-in at Costco to protest the chain’s decision to not sell her raunchy memoir.

Joan’s book, “I Hate Everyone … Starting with Me,” has spent more than six weeks on the NY Times best seller list, but that doesn’t mean the family-friendly Costco chain has to carry it. Well, Joan decided that was simply unacceptable. The 79-year-old TV host arrived at a Burbank, CA store to let them know if Costco hates her, well she hates them right back.


“Costco, who sells condoms by the pallet, who sells Paula Deen books and – which is not good for their customers’ health – they decided to ban my book,” Joan lamented. “This is a First Amendment violation. You’re banning a book because it says a funny quote by Marie Antoinette? Where is this going to lead us to?”

“This is a store that sells 300 rolls of toilet paper at the same time, and I say any customer that buys 300 rolls of toilet paper deserves a funny book to sit on the toilet and read.” In order to prove that she deserved to be there, Joan set up a book stand outside the store to hawk her own book! She was seen autographing copies for fans and shoppers.


Then Joan proceeded inside the superstore, approached a family who was shopping, and proceeded to handcuff herself to a shopping cart – all the while bellowing into a megaphone about how her book deserved to be sold in their stores.

A witness who happened to be shopping at the store captured all the mayhem. He reports that after a lengthy conversation with the store manager, Joan refused to vacate the premises. The police were called to the scene to escort the almost octogenarian out of the store. She went willingly. No charges were pressed against Joan for her shop-in.

“It is truly about the First Amendment,” she informed ABC News. “This is America, and I don’t want to see censorship.” A video of Joan’s Costco trip is below!

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