Aaaahhh… the fallout from the Real Housewives of New Jersey Napa trip continues – and we still have one more episode to go! Following last week’s very embarrassing Giudice adventure where Teresa Giudice propositioned her husband in the vineyard (5 feet away from friends and family) after she over-heard him having some phone canoodling with a work buddy, things continue to erupt for the Joisee clan.

Jacqueline Laurita – former BFF of Teresa – recently came forward to reveal her son Nicholasautism diagnosis – and while she’s more than willing to be upfront about that she is not willing to comment on Teresa and Joe Giudice‘s marriage.

“I’m not going to comment on what came out on this episode regarding Joe , because I feel that it is such a sensitive matter to talk about, and I am sure it was very hurtful for Teresa and her family to see. Despite our fighting, my heart hurt for her. That is all I will say on that matter,” Jacqueline states in her Bravo Blog.


“As far as the sex they had in the vineyard, I think I understand more now why she chose such a time to make a scene. I was wrong thinking that it was entirely about her trying to take the spotlight away from Caroline [Manzo],” Jacqueline admits. “I think somewhere in her mind, she was marking her territory. In my opinion, she should have just peed on him, kicked up some dirt, and walked away.”

Jacqueline also discusses inappropriate behavior on the trip, Tabloid-gate (which has replaced cookbook-gate), and everyone’s relationship with Teresa!

“I was disappointed to see how clearly Joe [G-to-the-iudice] was trying to get the viewers to see how much he was not enjoying the wine tasting and how he was ready to leave mid presentation,” Jacqueline shares. “I would have thought he might have wanted to support his friend a little more than that.”

And now onto the drama with Teresa. “Why can’t everyone just learn to communicate properly, forgive, and move on? It takes two to resolve a conflict,” Jacqueline wonders? Well because she’s dealing with idiots for the most part!

“I felt bad for Kathy [Wakile] on this trip, because I could tell that she must have been feeling a little left out of the family bonding that was going on between the Giudices and the Gorgas, although she was happy for them. After Teresa and Kathy talked, Kathy had thought that they had resolved their differences and were moving forward, but she still felt the tension and distance between them.”

“I was glad that Teresa finally somewhat admitted in the RV to Melissa [Gorga] that she did in fact do more than just pose for pictures in those articles in the tabloids and that she did say things about her family and friends after she had been denying it for so long,” Jacqueline shares.

“I just wish she would have been this honest and upfront to everyone (including Caroline) and just admitted this in the first place instead of denying it the way she did originally. Caroline may have been more forgiving at that point.”

“I thought Teresa just should have come out with it and said, ‘Yes, Caroline, Kathy, and Melissa, I did write that stuff that was not nice about you in the book and in the tabloids because I was upset with you all at the time for X,Y and Z. I am really sorry for doing it and offending you, but I would love to move forward now, and I won’t be doing that again,’ Jacqueline explains.

“I think most would have respected that answer or would have thought she was being more sincere with wanting to move forward. Instead, everybody was watching their back waiting for the next hit.”

And Jacqueline agrees with Melissa that going to a tabloid makes your business public consumption. “Once Teresa decided to put her business on the cover of a magazine and answer all of their questions, it no longer made it just her and her husband’s business. She opened it up to the world. If I decide to do a cover for a magazine, the same rules would apply to me, and I know that.”

She continues, “If I put it out there, you can bet I’ve discussed it with my family and friends. What hurt me was that Teresa opened up to a tabloid but never opened up to me, one of her best friends.”

Moving on, some have questioned whether Caroline’s real birthday was celebrated in the vineyard that day. Here’s a timeline for the trip: Caroline’s actual birthday is in August – which is when the RHONJ were in Califorinia.

Interestingly Antonia Gorga‘s birthday party took place in September (her actual birthday is in August), but was aired well-before Caroline’s! This can be verified because Hurricane Irene actually occurred in August.

According to our source what makes the timeline so interesting is that no one was actually getting along with Teresa during Antonia’s birthday given what happens on tonight’s episode and the friendsy-friendsy relationships we saw between her, Melissa and Jacqueline was all for show! I thought this was supposed to be reality TV…

Teresa and Jacqueline were not speaking at that [Antonia’s] party. Actually, nobody was speaking to Teresa,” our source reveals. “There was not ever a moment they were all getting along. What you see on camera is very different then what really goes on.”

Furthermore, upon returning from California our source shares that she never heard Melissa discuss having a better relationship with Teresa!

“I NEVER heard Melissa at the time this was filmed and when she returned from CA saying she had a rekindled relationship with Teresa,” our source insists. “Melissa was still talking about Teresa and bashing her.”

And Melissa wasn’t alone in that sentiment – Teresa wasn’t singing her sister-in-law praises, either! “Teresa also didn’t come home with a new found love for Melissa!” I’ll let Melissa hop on Twitter and let us know what she thinks of the matter – cause we know she will!

Now as for Juicy’s language towards Teresa at the vineyard, our source alleges this is nothing new! “Since I have known the Guidice’s, Joe has talked to Teresa like that.”

“Her [Teresa’s] whole In Touch was total BS. Just like Caroline said…Teresa will now change her tune to ‘I will leave him.'”


Interesting that Jacqueline scored the prestigious People and poor ol’ T has only been able to land In Touch. Karma?

Finally, tonight is an all new episode of RHONJ and the trip to Napa culminates with a knock-down (literally), drag-out fight between Teresa, Kathy, Caroline, and Juicy! Teresa leaves the trip she is so furious. Upon returning to Jersey the fighting continues as no one is too thrilled with how things worked out.

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting every single screeching moment, so get ready! Also the show-down allegedly continues on WWHL; which we’ll be tuning into as well!




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