Gracious, everyone is an author these days!  VH1's favorite caricature Big Ang is on a book tour to promote her new memoir Bigger Is Better.  I hear the forward was written by Kilo.  I kid, I kid.  I adore Ang!

Big Ang was recently interviewed about the new book on the fourteenth fourth hour of the TODAY Show.  Admittedly, I didn't give up this hour for two reasons.  First, Kathie Lee Gifford drinking a fishbowl full of white wine spritzers at ten in morning doesn't really scream "journalistic integrity" so I can pretend it's not part of the original morning show, and two, everyone-and I mean EVERYONE-needs some Hoda Lee Kotb in their lives.


Ang shares that she was just living her life as a mother, grandmother, and bartender when she became an overnight phenomena thanks to a once bit part on the second season of the original Mob Wives.  In her book, Ang writes that people are always in awe of her lips, her double J chest (who knew that was a thing!), her height and her voice.  I say she hit the nail on the head with that list for sure!  She subscribes the the Kris Jenner school of implants, having hers replaced (and increased!) in '85, '95, and 2005.  Kathie Lee informs Ang of a new study that says drinking a lot makes breasts sag.  Um, that's not good news!  I guess given my love of wine, its a good thing my chest is at the beginning of the alphabet!

The ladies also discuss Ang's lip injections which are chronicled in the chapter "Read My Lips…From Space."  She says she had five vials of collagen injected when she was forty, Ang hasn't touched them since.  That was twelve years ago.  Looking large good for fifty-two Ang!

Ang also can't believe how warmly people receive her since the show.  She says she has fans approaching her on the street for photographs, and the Drunken Monkey always has a line of close to a hundred people waiting to get in to meet her.  Hoda and Kathie Lee praise the book for its humor, reading a passage on dieting.  Big Ang says you can definitely lose weight if you swear off lasagna, but then you're just a skinnier, b*tchier shell of your former self.  Truer words, Ang.  Truer words!  I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this book!


[Photo Credit: Doug Meszler / Splash News]

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