Bethenny Frankel's marriage to Jason Hoppy has been under scrutiny since day one because, well, her entire marriage and relationship has played out for TV on her various reality shows. 

Most recently Bethenny and Jason were seen battling constantly on the third season of Bethenny Ever After, with Bethenny admitting the second year of marriage has been very rocky and full of tribulations. Things seemed to be going well for the couple by the end of the season as they partnered together to renovate a fantastic new apartment and made plans to temporarily locate to LA for Bethenny's talk show 'bethenny'. 

bethenny did fantastic in its test run and now news is that the reality mogul is set to make it her full-time gig and bail on her reality show. Thank you Jesus.


But unfortunately that decision may be causing major problems in her marriage. In a new report from In Touch Weekly, Bethenny reveals the couple were living apart for half of the summer! 

Bryn and I spent the last six weeks in the Hamptons playing on the beach. We just had a magical, amazing summer. Jason was in the city working, and it was nice,” Bethenny explains. “He came on the weekends. It was good for her that we got to do outdoor activities.  It was good for me, because I was ready to crack.”

A paid intern friend of Bethenny's insists things are fine between the couple, however a source close to her reveals that's definitely NOT the case! 

The source claims the couple has basically been living separate lives – and even after Bethenny's return to NYC she hasn't been sharing a home with Jason! “When Jason did make it out to the Hamptons on weekends this summer, it was for Bryn,” the source adds.

Ouch! That's not good. I wouldn't put it past Bethenny for this to be some sort of publicity stunt. She has a history of crying marital/personal problems right before a big professional announcement or endeavor.

For instance, last year right before the season premiere of BEA Bethenny made an announcement about her miscarriage (which is horribly sad) and then right before her talk show debuted there were a lot of rumors of marital strain. I guess we'll wait and see!

[Photo Credit: Wagner Az / Pacific Coast News] 

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