The women of Real Housewives of New York are a classy bunch, that can't be denied.  They are reserved, educated, and charitable.  Oh, wait.

Someone call Joe Francis because Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer are Middle-Aged Broads Gone Wild!  While vacationing in St. Barts for the cast trip, the ladies enjoyed lots of booze, parties, cat fights and sexy time.  The kickers?  Most of their antics were so insane that they couldn't be shown on Bravo.  The raciest moments of the trip were relegated to the cutting room floor, but I have some of the deets.  However, don't say I didn't warn you…if you are concerned you make accidentally picture some of these things in your head, then click at your own risk!


An insider tells the NY Daily News, “Sonja was straddling cameras naked."  What?  She has turned into quite the train wreck, hasn't she? 

Meanwhile, presumably wasted on the Grigio, Ramona was hurling things at the production equipment and she “almost broke one of the cameras when she was drinking," adds the same source.

After one cocktail filled afternoon, the women broke one of the production rules.  The source reveals, “Ramona and Sonja locked themselves in their room and locked the crew out [which] became an issue with the crew, because the room was actually set property, since it’s a reality show."

The women were then scolded by Bravo.  “The crew and the girls had to have a meeting with the cameras rolling for the producers who weren’t present [on St. Bart’s] to take part in, to discuss how to treat the crew,” explains the insider.  Apparently things calmed down a bit after this "discussion" although the women continued to party until the wee hours of the morning.

When the women weren't bathing in booze, they were fighting with newbie Avivia Drescher.  According to Radar Online, Ramona even accuses the producers of editing Aviva to look favorable, saying, “[Aviva] was actually much more vicious than viewers saw. Bravo edited it, so she didn’t look as bad. There was no valid reason for her to go off on us like that. She must have forgotten her meds. Something was really off.”  You have to laugh at irony of Ramona insinuating someone was off their meds!

Sonja interjects, “All of us have been very gracious to Aviva’s father, George, no matter how embarrassingly he behaved, and yet she calls us white trash? Disgusting.”

Ramona couldn't agree more, stating, “It’s vile; it’s like using the N word. It’s just extremely slanderous.” 

She continues, saying, "I will be friendly toward Aviva, but we can’t ever be close again. I tried. But she turned the tables, saying I betrayed her, I’m the mean girl. But she betrayed me with the way she spoke to me – she is the mean girl!”

Sonja isn't very forgiving either, explaining, “Aviva is a liar. She just makes things up, and Ramona and I have only ever been kind to her."  Um, kind?  That may be a bit of a stretch!


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