Kate Gosselin has been desperate for fame and attention ever since her reality show Kate Plus 8 was canceled. Well, now she's got it!

Recently Kate has been the subject of an unsavory tell-all book accusing Kate of child abuse among other damning things. Amazon was forced to pull the book after lawyers for Kate insists it is filled with invalidated, untrue information – and information which has been obtained from illegal means. 

Author Robert Hoffman disputes those claims, insisting the material for Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World was procured legally and with thorough investigation. Robert claims he interviewed dozens of people connected with Kate and found her computer hard drive in the trash. 

Well now sources are alleging that Robert, who happens to be friends with Jon Gosselin, got all his information from one source – and once source only: Jon! 


A source tells RadarOnline that Jon schemed to expose Kate in the book and worked with Robert to funnel him information. "Jon made copies of Kate's hard drive and gave them to Rob as a sort of backup plan in case there was anything he needed in there while they were going through their divorce," a source claims. 

Robert insists that is not true.  "Regarding Jon, as stated clearly in the book, he had absolutely nothing to do with personally giving me any information whatsoever for the book. You should reach out to him personally to answer any questions about him."


RadarOnline claims they have verified Robert's information and found much of it to be true. Um… yikes! And Robert insists he left out even more damaging information about Kate – and says all his information is completely factual. 

“The other 90 percent of the material that I possess will not be published, ever, but you can be sure that if I'm falsely accused of anything and drug [sic] into court, or called a liar by Kate Gosselin or her lawyers, this information will come out then, including photographs,” Robert explains. 

"There is so much more that hasn't been revealed. I also have physical and photographic evidence to back up my claims in the book."

Jon is still refraining from comment, but I'm pretty sure I need to be reading this book immediately. Call me, Robert! 1-800-RealityTea

Moving on, Kate is also refraining from commenting. Instead she's sticking to the same on schtick of complaining about her marriage in the press. Hasn't this woman realized that's not going to get her another reality show?

Katie Couric must have owed someone a serious favor, because Kate appeared as a guest on her talk show Katie, where she insists reality TV had absolutely nothing to do with her becoming a controlling nightmare bitch her marriage ending. 

"A lot of people try to pin reality TV and say, 'My gosh. It ended in divorce. Big surprise.' We went through a lot. The signs were always there, and obviously having eight kids in a short span of time didn't help that," Kate shares. "And I'm not at all blaming my kids, I'm just saying. . ."

So, Kate thinks too many kids in too short of time exacerbated the dissolution of her marriage to Jon? Sorta sounds that way! 

Kate continued, "I know the red flags were always there. So looking back, had you never heard the names Jon and Kate Gosselin, I'm certain that I would be in that spot now. It's hard because like any mom I just want the best for my kids."

And apparently what's best for her kids, according to Kate, is for her to be dating. Which means she's still pimping that dating show idea. 

"I know the kids have a desire for me to be dating," Kate told Katie. "For whatever reason it comes up at dinner like every single night, and they bring it up."  Wait – isn't Kate already dating her bodyguard Steve Neild?


"I think that they miss that man role in our house, and the more hands on, full-time sort of feel. So for them, you know I had the frank discussion the other day, I said it's not something I can go to the store and buy," Kate shared. I think they just want her to stop complaining about how her life has been ruined and get something else to do. 


Oh and what a surprise! Kate talked about her possible dating reality show. I mean, it's no coincidence at all that she is using her children as a segue to discuss her never-ending TV aspirations. 

"After a few years in realizing my barriers to dating and all of that and loving TV and the experiences . . . I just feel like honestly, yes, that was my idea. I would do it [so] it could be watched by families and my children," Kate says. Yes – this show is for the good of OTHER people. 

 "But I think that it would be fun because that would allow me to sort of meet people, have fun, show my fun side — I do have one. I'm not always barking orders! And so to sort of do that, I do, I think it would be really fun."

So, yeah I'd rather croak on rotten spam than watch Kate make-out on TV. And if she thinks anyone on earth wants to watch her on a dating show – she's wrong. Nope, they'd much rather read that tell-all book. Again, Robert, send me a copy ASAP. 




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