I can't even tell you how much I'm looking forward to the return of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!  While we patiently wait for the premiere episode, we can get a shot of our NeNe Leakes, who is everywhere lately, working the press to promote her many projects. 

This month we find her in Glamour magazine, sharing her little nuggets of wisdom (oh how I've missed those).  In the November issue, the divine Miss L shares her Dos and Don'ts of Being Fabulous!

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 NeNe Leakes Tells Glamour the Dos & Don’ts of Being Fabulous

DON’T be anyone but you.  “I’m just not into trying to convince people to like me. I always say to myself, It is what it is. I walk into a situation knowing that people are either going to love me or they’re not, and that’s OK. I’m just going to be me. You can’t be everything to everyone.”

DO wear heels.  “Heels are everything. They make you strut, and all women look good with a strut on. Flats just don’t get you the same swagger.”

DON’T go chasing guys.  “I think I know everything about men. The only way to make a relationship work is to let him be the pursuer—I’m convinced he’s got to like you more than you like him.”

DON’T bother feeling bad about your guilty pleasures.  “I’m a big potato chip girl. I don’t like chocolate and cakes and all that, but I have to have my potato chips. I’ve got bags in the back of my car right now! But I never beat myself up about it, because, look: You can’t give up every damn thing. You need something in your life that you like just because you like it!”

You can check out her full list on Glamour's website.


Photo credit: Brian To/WENN

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